Dirty Trip – the SVHC Relays 2017

So my recent form had been recognised and I had indeed been put down from the B team to the C team. But then after some call offs I wasn’t just moved back up to the B team but given the first leg. With the whippets. Ouch. Ach what will be will be. As I said before it’s that first toe on the line, and the only real aim to beat last year’s time, 24 minutes and 24 seconds. Was racing in my new Adios Boost 3 for the first time and had tempo’d a sub 21 5 k in them on the Saturday, so they felt good. Conditions were cold but almost perfect, just a wee look out for bits of ice. Said more than a few hellos, was good naturedly ribbed about Pointless, then it was time to go. Boom! I forgot how rapid these old timers were, they were quickly zooming away from me and despite a first k in about 3.38 I was easily in the second half of the field. We were spreading out and PH racing club’s Scott Love did his usual going past me. I tried to dig in about 5 or 6 behind him but couldn’t quite keep in touch. Second and third consistent in the 3.50s which is what I was looking for so happy. Could still see Scott and at this stage passed VPs Ralph Connolly who is never far away in 10ks, so things going well. Coming up towards the bridge I was feeling good and started chasing after the runners ahead, could see a fella from Giffnock and Scott wasn’t getting any further away. Ran hard across the bridge and was a sharp turn to the right as we went down the gravel path rather than up to the top of the tarmac. I was actually feeling too good and going too fast. I slipped on some mud and couldn’t keep myself up, the momentum was too much and I was down like a ton of bricks, heavy on my protective hand and on my knees. Felt a lump inside my glove and thought it was my wedding ring broke. Then realised it was the wrong hand. It was a bone sticking out. Shite. Knees were agony. I was still moving though, I was doing this on the run. Despite the shouts from the steward I was straight back up and away. Not as fast granted. My hand and fingers wouldn’t bend. It wasn’t good. But it was a relay. I was first leg. I wasn’t stopping anyone else from running. Adrenaline kept me going until I hit the hill and crumbled a bit. The knee was painful trying to lift it. Got over and was probably a mile to go. I had to go for it. Get over the line. Couple of pics from my club mate Neil Richardson show how happy I was.


I was fortunate to find a second wind and finished the last k in about 3.35, overtaking Giffnock’s Colin Wylie in the process.Thanks to June Duggan for the finishing pic.


Man I was hurting but pleased despite what had happened with a finishing time of 22.28, nearly 2 minutes faster than last year. I had to avoid handshakes here though, the finger was at funny angles and the knee was showing the effects of my dirty trip.



Went to the first aiders who told me to go to hospital so somehow managed to drive home then went to Wishaw with Elaine after a clean up.


After a few hours wait the x rays showed a clean dislocation thankfully, there was no break which could have put me out of London if back in plaster. The finger was clean off the knuckle, wish I had the x ray to show you. 10 minutes or so of painful manipulation and it was back in place, though today showing hefty signs of bruising.


Couple of days of strapping and no running until knees sorted but I got off lightly, and I know that. So an eventful first race back. I’ll try and make the next one a bit quieter (and easier to type)  🙂

“Dirty Trip” by the french atmospherists Air, a melancholy, seedy and of course atmospheric instrumental from the “Virgin Suicides” soundtrack.


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