What is this all about, and why?

mr_-_nominatedIMG_3622Yes, it’s another Scottish Running Blog. Why not have a wee read under “The blog”, quite a lot has gone on.

Back in my teens in the 1980s I did quite a bit of running and represented Hamilton Harriers, Cambuslang Harriers, St Aloysius College , Glasgow University, Lanarkshire, West of Scotland and Scotland Juniors (once, but you can’t take it away).

For numerous reasons I then stopped for 20 odd years.

I started this blog to document how a 40 something 30 cigarettes a day smoker, fuelled with a bellyful of chocolate, kebabs and vodka, was persuaded to start again. I’m documenting the difficulties I faced both mentally and physically to get myself in a position where I could face joining a club (the wonderful Motherwell AC) and actually compete in races again. And my constant moaning and griping once I got there. I can now appreciate the humour in things going wrong in races and laugh at people wearing shades in the rain. I can laugh at myself and am finally at peace with my 19 year old self.

Things have changed a lot, and not just the hair (The same Scotland vest here is shown with a gap of 25 years)

Cropic Share File

I now accept that I can never turn back the clock and realise even a quarter the potential I had as a Junior. I am now more than content (and it’s taken a while) that these are the views from the back of the pack. I am determined not to slip back into my old ways, as alluring as it can be at times. Why do I write, and why does it matter to me? These meanderings help keep me on my path. These are the rants of that madman to try and explain why, how and where. And wearing what????

Thanks for reading, and I always appreciate your feedback.

The blog was nominated then shortlisted for best blog at the Running Awards in both 2017 and 2018 taking the silver award in 2017. Quite bizarre really.It also seems that I have been nominated for influencer of the year in the Men’s Running Awards 2018. I have no idea who done that but thank you 🙂




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