What is this all about, and why?

Updated 2022

I am an old masters athlete who likes to document his races. I like to look back at them, and I like writing so occasionally I will put something out there.

Don’t worry I don’t take it all too seriously. I used to, but that was daft.

Now back at my childhood club of Cambuslang Harriers.

Updated June 2018

Good question.

To be honest I am just a wee middle aged baldy guy from Scotland who started running again after a long absence. I am not here to try to inspire you, influence you, motivate you or any other of those social media buzzwords. There are plenty of those self-proclaimed messiahs out there, and I am more of an honest, self-deprecating realist. I am not a runner of a high standard, nor can I make you one.

So who am I? Back in my teens in the 1980s I did quite a bit of running and represented Hamilton Harriers, Cambuslang Harriers, St Aloysius College , Glasgow University, Lanarkshire, West of Scotland and Scotland Juniors (once, but you can’t take it away, I may mention it occasionally and show you pictures of my vest. Ach OK, here it is worn on two separate occasions with a 25 year gap).

Cropic Share File

For numerous reasons I stopped for 20 odd years and started this blog to document how a 40 something 30 cigarettes a day smoker, fuelled with a bellyful of chocolate, kebabs and vodka, started again. The blog was to ensure that I kept at it as my willpower has never been great. I rekindled my love of writing and kept the blog going and that’s what it all about, my love of running, writing and the things that happened on the way.

The title of the blog comes from the first critique that I had of the blog, that I was the most irritating runner in Scotland and should stop running as my attitude was “hoffic” and I was demotivational to others. Who am I to disagree with any of that? I am what I am and hence the title, the question mark at the end is so you can make up your own mind.

I have used this blog to document my many highs and the many lows since I started back running and I am not an “everything in the garden is rosy” person. I make mistakes regularly and I rarely learn even at my advanced age. See this more as an online journal, warts and all, and if that type of running confessional appeals then please read on with an open mind. You might even have a wee smile, shake your head in disbelief, or identify yourself. I share this blog around social media because I want people to read and hopefully enjoy my writings, I am open about that, not to get pats on the back for what I know is highly average club running. If I wanted anything to come out of doing this blog it would be the opportunity to do some more writing, because that’s what I really enjoy. Thanks for reading, and I always appreciate your feedback, and have been very fortunate to meet some amazing people due to the blog.



2 thoughts on “What is this all about, and why?

  1. You are amazing! the most irritating runner in Scotland:) I also like to call me as stupid guy, it makes me realized there are many things I don’t know, but I am always on the way to discover unknown. let’s keep running, never settle!

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