Review of Freetrain VR

I was recently contacted by the team at Freetrain to ask if I wanted to try out their new range and to be honest I had never heard of them. But that makes sense since that's why they would contact the likes of myself, to try and get a bit of exposure for their products, … Continue reading Review of Freetrain VR

Repetition – the year that was 2019

“Eastenders was hilarious tonight” “No barcode mate? No worries” “Loving Gavin Hinde’s new perm” “Ach Brexit doesn’t matter, let’s all just get pissed” Jacob Rees Mogg “I had a lot of luck today” John Speirs “My brother is my best pal” Noel Gallagher “High flying St Mirren” “I didn’t like it…. I thought it was … Continue reading Repetition – the year that was 2019

Commercial Alternative – TrailFest Scotland Solstice Trail Series race 1 – 7k

You know it really didn’t take long to get into this trail malarkey. One double rainbow across the field and I was really feeling it. The only quandary was do I keep running hard or stop and take a pic? I picked the wrong one and kept running but thankfully others took some pics and … Continue reading Commercial Alternative – TrailFest Scotland Solstice Trail Series race 1 – 7k


Running. Such a simple thing at times, get the shoes on and just run. We are spoiled here In Scotland with such a different array of running routes and surfaces – road, track, trail, sand, hills flat, everything, and it’s easy to forget the beauty on our doorsteps. Before I joined Motherwell AC I would … Continue reading Trailblazing