Review – Runderwear Running Briefs

Disclaimer : It is safe to read on. There are no pictures of me wearing pants in this review. Or in any review. Be safe retinas.

You know I’ve been thinking a lot recently. That’s a dangerous thing especially for me. My mind is more complex than a Dalek trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. But I did it anyway. And I thought about my Running gear and equipment. What floats my boat? What can’t I run without? What is a necessity? And strangely enough the very first thing I look for when I am planning to go a run is my pants.

It’s true.

Jackets – I have Nike, Adidas, New Balance, wear what I feel like. Tops – possibly every sports brand that ever existed. Shorts – Adidas, Nike, Ron Hill. Socks – Nike, Karrimor, New Balance. Shoes – depending on type of run, Adidas, Nike. But with my running pants? I’m always looking for my Runderwear, and never run without them now. Pants love. A dangerous thing.

I’m a cynical man ok? I’d heard of these new fangled magic pants. An excuse to take money off you for a placebo affect no doubt. I was always a Kalenji underwear man. And they were fine. Sometimes I’d chafe, but that’s always going to happen eh? After long runs they’d be soaked with sweat. Uncomfortable but that’s how it goes eh?


it’s not.

Genuinely, really.

I have three pairs of these Runderwear bad boys now and have thoroughly road tested them. I started off in short runs. Wore the Merino ones for the first time at the Brian Goodwin 10k and got my first sub 38. Speed pants! OK I jest, as I’m taking the credit for the run, not the magic pants, but man to man, everything was comfy where it counted, it was a clammy night and Betty Swallocks wasn’t annoying me. I know there’s science involved. I’ll quote the product here “Runderwear is a company which specialises in making seamless, comfortable and anti-chafe underwear. These products are all made of a special, moisture wicking fabric ensuring that you remain dry and comfortable whilst running.” I was very pleased. So ultimate test. 2 weeks in the south of Spain. Trail runs lasting upwards of 90 minutes in the morning sun, then washing them in the sink afterwards as you do on holiday. They withstood the worst that Betty could throw at them, they washed up perfect, and a few months later my three pairs of Runderwear still seem as good as new. I have to date only used the briefs and they really do the job.



So this isn’t a trainer review. I won’t mark on tread, bounceability, weight etc, but simply put here, I won’t wear anything else when I’m running. Now stop! I mean I won’t wear other pants. I wear shorts and stuff as well. Ach you know what I mean. You’ll be comfy with room to move but no over movement. You’ll be dry. Forget chafing. And they last. Recommendation? I love the Merino ones. Cost a wee bit more, but the business.

There’s a big range now, not just running briefs. There’s the boxers, ladies tops and bottoms, socks, even cricket gear now I believe.

Rating: Marko’s Magic Pants   5/5 Must have.

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