The Rock – Polaroid series Dumbarton 10k 2016

Sometimes you can lose your mojo and can’t really find a reason why. Last Week’s PB at Clydebank had felt a bit flat. Even afterwards I felt a bit flat. No idea why. Then I remembered the joy when I saw my club mate “Lightning”McQueen’s reaction to his 10k and 5k PBs in the pace … Continue reading The Rock – Polaroid series Dumbarton 10k 2016

Polaroid Series Race 2 – Dumbarton

Now this wee entry isn’t quite as jubilant as last week’s. Not because of the result but really due to the whole thing. This was to be quite a strange one. I have to confess to overindulging after my first sub 40 at Helensburgh last week. Whisky, chocolate, takeaways, my diet was absolutely awful and … Continue reading Polaroid Series Race 2 – Dumbarton