Necessary Evil/ Cominagetcha – the worst run ever Twitter: @vanhaddock Disclaimer : these are the rants of an irrational and moody middle aged runner who should know better, but won't ever learn. And that's just fine. Monday recovery run? Slow, sore, but check. Tuesday 5k out slow and sub 20 back. Nice. Wednesday weary but still a decent wee 1 hour run. Thursday … Continue reading Necessary Evil/ Cominagetcha – the worst run ever

Wow -smashing the 20 mile barrier

It's a race free zone this week unfortunately as a half day Saturday and full day Sunday unpaid overtime unfortunately put paid to racing the Kirkintilloch 12.5k and completing back to back 50 mile weeks, but apart from that it was another mix it up and see what happens cracker of a week. Now for … Continue reading Wow -smashing the 20 mile barrier