Pushing on – includes Drumpellier 5k 2017

Disclaimer: Aye OK I'm a moan, I'm sensitive, I'm also very tired but I'm not going to change. Note the blog songs are all in a playlist HERE In running, in life, in work, you get weeks that are more challenging than others. Sometimes worlds align and they all batter you at the one time. … Continue reading Pushing on – includes Drumpellier 5k 2017

Mystery- Including Strathclyde parkrun 342

Mysteries aren't always bad. It's not just turning up at the same hotel as Jessica Fletcher and someone being killed and you getting the blame. Or five kids and a dog having scones for tea as the travelling fairground workers are led away by Officer Goon. A mystery can be good. Like how did that … Continue reading Mystery- Including Strathclyde parkrun 342