My Life as a Dog – when we want it all

So I haven’t really bothered sharing this in most of the usual places. It’s a stream of consciousness to get things out my system. If you come across it by mistake, there’s no substance to it really, but feel free to have a read and get angry with me. I’m harmless.

What’s it all about then Alfie? Well, see when you are young and you want an invite to the coolest party, and you get your invite, but then when the party comes you realise you actually can’t go to it anyway and, so you selfishly hope it won’t be as good as you were expecting. FOMO I believe people younger than me call it.

But it’s actually better, and everyone has the greatest time ever, and you hear all the stories about it afterwards and see all the pictures and wish you’d gone.

Aye that. There was a running equivalent for baldy old men.

The Scottish 5k at Silverknowes is one of my favourite races. The fast one. An amazing event. My national silver there last year is still a highlight of my wee daft hobby and I know it shouldn’t have happened but did. Entries opened this year and I was straight in there to enter but I knew I shouldn’t have . It’s on at a big part of my marathon block and as soon as I realised I was trying to rejig sessions and fit in different types of sessions and timings then I had to make the call. Do I want to see my block through? Simply if the answer is yes then I have to get rid of any distractions and the 5k was a big one. It was the right call and someone else on the waiting list got my place. I did my big session I had planned that week of 5 miles MP then 5 x 1 mile at sharper and it went brilliantly. I was fresh enough for my Sunday 24 miler after parkrun pacing the day before and all targets were hit. Perfect week per my schedule so it was the right move.

Some highlights of the week

Until I saw all the results.

They were amazing. From young to old PBs were smashed. Course and national records etc etc. My club whatsapp was going bonkers. What an event it had proven to be, and always is, and of course the green eyed monster was poking me in the ribs, trying to provoke me. What am I doing playing at long stuff? I should be out there running fast, sensible distance. OK conditions last year weren’t as good but my time in 2nd M50 last year would not even have hit the top 10 this year. The standard of run was amazing. Even my PB of 2 years ago when I was at my peak would have just scraped in the top 5. I 100% would not have challenged for the medals or even the top 5 but could the calibre of performances around me have got me a good, fast, run? I’ll never know and although I made the right choice I did wish on Friday night that I had gone to that party, even if I had ended up drinking too much and puking over my own shoes. A massive well done to all that ran and performed but just wanted to give my pal Alan a shout out for a well earned PB and national bronze, plenty more to come from him. Delighted for him, a top man.

Probably the most improved M50 runner in Scotland over the last year

From a M50 perspective I am watching the level of performance get higher and higher now, there are so many class runners in the category performing now. I am delighted with what I achieved over the last 2 years as all I wanted to do was to try and compete and I did that, but things have stepped up a level now. It’s refreshing, I have to admit, as it removes any pressure or anything I had put on myself for race days now. I’ll still go out there, and I will give my everything but I’m back in the pack again where I belong.

Anyway that’s it off my chest now. Irrational thoughts hit the over 50s too. We want our cakes and we want to eat it and bloody hell, we want to do what others are doing. So no apologies. As Mr Hoffic said in his eloquent 2016 missive “Here again strikes the most irritating runner in Scotland”. Guilty as charged. Have a wee tune, a lost Scottish cracker from ex Hipsway man Skinner and Scottish music legend Douglas McIntyre


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