It’s like that – Brian Goodwin 10k and Crichton parkrun

This hopefully won’t be a long one, for your sake and mine. I’m sitting writing it on my phone whilst sitting getting some “fresh” air down on the Solway Coast and thought I may as well get my catch up done. Last time out I had got the bronze at the Scottish 10k for M50 in 35.39 and was feeling in good shape going into the Brian Goodwin 10k. Was training well and genuinely thought I could beat my PB of 35.19 and even get close to 35 minutes.

Ah confidence. You dangerous wee beastie. I do love this event. Friday night, good course, always a good catch up and a beer and burger after. Always superbly run by Bellahouston Harriers. Got to see fellow Team Baldy members Gav and Speirsie for the first time in years which was brilliant.

Said my usual hellos and had a wee warm up but things just didn’t feel as smooth as I was hoping or expecting.

Even my dress sense was like a leaking bag of highlighters, that was on day release from prison (hence the tag) but, and I say this with no excuses, I just didn’t feel like I expected to feel. I made an arse of things on the starting line when I hoped to latch onto Richard, Eve and Justin but was too busy gabbing and we were off and I was caught cold.

In some races you know within the first k how your race is going to be and my legs just weren’t responding. I simply couldn’t hit my markers, I felt heavy and to be honest I could easily have dropped out and was pleased with myself that I didn’t. I was trying to stay with groups that were dropping me and as we hit the second lap I was desperately trying to hang onto the coat tails of Yvonne from Giffnock having been dropped by a group containing the Claw from Bella and big Daniel from Greenock but I was struggling.

With a couple of k to go and after encouragement from a team mate who was spectating I also heard him encouraging another couple of teammates that were right behind me. Pride v tired legs coming into play now and I tried to kick on. I chased and caught the Claw group with maybe a k to go and Justin had been dragged into that group too. Andy from Giffnock cheekily taunted me about being an 800m runner as he ran away from me to chase down Michael from Edinburgh but there would be no sprint heroics from me today.

Finished in 36.04 which is decent enough but really was convinced I had something better in there, so I was disappointed. No excuses, it’s all I had on the night, I was just sure there was going to be better. An enjoyable night though and brilliant to see some amazing performances from some friends and club mates. Chuffed for you all 🙂 To make the night worse some Greenock lads insulted my St Mirren tattoo but thankfully I stood upwind and avoided their stench… (All banter, good lads 👍).

Had another good weeks training after it then was going away for a wee family trip to the south coast of Scotland. Decided to have a wee trip to Crichton parkrun in Dumfries as hadn’t been there before even though the wind was about as friendly as me. The wind wasn’t friendly but the event was. A Marshall coming to chat to me straight away as my face wasn’t known, and the same from some runners. Brilliant. Possibly the friendliest parkrun I have been to. A pleasure to see my old Steeplechase foe and friend Jim Buchanan who was on support duties for his lad. Jim looked at his phone and told me M50 course record was 18.04, so despite the wind I should go for it. Aye right. On the starting line and I see a big tanned athletic fella talking to the Marshalls. He’s English and is saying he’s here for the cycling (the British champs were on) and fancied a wee run.

Off we went and although I didn’t know where I was going I was soon in the lead with big athletic guy on my shoulder, clearly because he didn’t know where he was going either.

Downhill, wee turn, round a cone and back. Wind slapping me then a wee downhill and a straight section. Yer man with the tan still on my shoulder. Up the first wee climb and into the ziggyzaggy gravel section in the Rock garden. another wee climb and into a mad headwind. As we approach the end of lap one the man with the tan now has his bearings and kicks away. Up a wee climb and lap 1 complete, another one and a bit to go. To be fair to me I never let him away, but every time I started bridging the gap he turned the screw again. He was toying with me. I had an eye on the watch anyway, I was on 18 min pace. Final bend and climb to the finish. The man with the tan far enough away but I reckon I can sneak under 18 and done. Wee fist bump and short chat with the man with the tan, a quick cool down, and then back to the lodge so the family wouldn’t get annoyed with me. Forgot to take any pictures myself and was too shy to ask anyone else. Results came in and indeed it was a M50 course record which was nice as it’s my first ever. Great wee course and I recommend it.

Posted on Strava, as you do, and straight away the comments come in from my running friends who also indulge in a bit of cycling. Is that “the” Chris Newton? Seems I had indulged in a wee bit of sport with a chap who has multiple world titles and three Olympic medals to his name at the old cycling. Seems he can run too with a 2.39 marathon to his name …. Sorry for not sussing you out Chris, I can be a bit of a donkey.

So two “races” and although neither has been where I’d hoped they weren’t terrible either. I’m training well and hopefully when the A races return then it’ll come back again. For this week though it’s coastal running, even though it’s winds in the 40mphs, but as the great philosophers Run DMC said, it’s like that, and that’s the way it is. Huh!

A few wee pics from yesterdays 13 miler in at times 40 mph winds.

Thanks to Daren Borzynski, Kenny Philips, Jennifer Beattie, Barrabhoy, Crichton parkrun and anyone else I forgot for the pics.


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