Don’t talk (put your head on my shoulder)

Disclaimer. This blog is about me and for me. I’ve said before it’s my years long therapy and that still holds true. This one here is for me to look back on to remind myself about a few things.

This is a short one, perhaps even shorter than me, to remind me of two big things. I joined Cambuslang because I wanted to challenge myself and try and make their 50s team, then to try and compete at that level for team medals. Despite what others think there is actually nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with wanting to get the best out of your self while you still can. I’ve trained hard for it even when the chips were down and somehow managed to make the team for the National XC relays. Another “A” aim for the year reached. But this weekend the spikes will remain in the loft, the vest in the drawer and all of that is my choice. Sometimes things happen in your own wee world, your own wee unit that reminds you of perspective. I love running, I love the challenge, I love the buzz it gives me.

But perspective.

It’s a hobby and I’m an average amateur veteran. As much as I love it it’s a bit of fun. There are other things and people that are so much more important, especially this week, and although I am sorry if I am letting my team down it’s a no brainer to be honest.


Maybe I do get carried away in it all sometimes. But the other side of the same coin is that I shouldn’t take for granted the opportunities to do what I can when I do get out there. In my last race at the west district relays I ran below par because primarily my head wasn’t at the races. Be grateful to get the opportunity and leave it all out there if competing is what I want to do. When I get the opportunity to go out there then I’ll go out and take it and have no regrets because the opportunities won’t always be there. So basically it isn’t the most important thing in the world, but when I do it, do it right and do myself justice. Listen to yourself this time Marko, you may be right, even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day 🙂

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