Living for the weekend – Includes Scottish Indoor 3000m champs 2020

Note: This blog was written differently, posted and deleted earlier in the week as I wasn’t comfortable with it.

Running wise the weekend was brilliant. It started off on Friday night with one of my favourite events of the year, the Scottish Indoor 3000m at the Emirates at the GAA BMC Miler meet. This one sells out real quick, and I was fortunate to get a space. Last year this had kick started my season and year when I won my heat in a PB of 10.18, it changed a lot for me and gave me so much belief and shaped 2019 for me. Don’t get me wrong, I had dreaded it all week. I get nervous and was worried that my  miles recently at the expense of speed work would see me spat out the back of what was a great field. Some right good runners in there, all who would be more than capable of leaving me in their wake, but the difference with me now is I knew I had worked hard last year to get into that field. Yes I might be last but for the first time I felt I deserved to be there. Last year a 10.30 pacer, this time 9.45, sharper than my PB but I could only do my best (and hope that someone else didn’t :)). The chat was great with running friends old and new, we were all nervous you know, all not knowing what to expect. The inter club camaraderie was immense and really put me at ease, though I think me and Robbo from Ayr must have bored Big Ross in the pic below.


20 off us on the starting line and a hectic start for the first bend but you know I gave it all I had.

The only thing lacking was confidence.

I didn’t think I was sharp enough to go with the 9.45 pacer and the group that went with him. I aimed for sub 10 and went round comfortable, having a great wee battle with Cumbernauld’s David Houston. What an atmosphere in the place, the crowd were amazing, the shouts, the roars, if you can’t feed off that then what can you feed off? Last two laps we kicked on and we caught a couple of right good runners in Giffnock’s Cameron Green and a sprint finish seen me pass Teviotdale’s V60 world champ Alastair Walker. A new unexpected PB of 9.48 and chuffed to bits. Some more confidence maybe I could have went with the lead group and as it was I ended up finishing 4th in the V45s on the night. 6 seconds off third and a national medal. Aye Cris Walsh a far better runner than me and there would never have been any fear I would have beaten him but I could have made him work a bit harder for it ๐Ÿ™‚  4th in the Scottish Champs though, not at all bad for someone like me. Aye I hadn’t been out of place in my heat.

Some great pics of the night here, thanks Gavin Hinde, Bobby Gavin, Alison McLaren, Lesley Ross, Jennifer Beattie for the pics of a night I really enjoyed.

Really enjoyed the nights racing after dreading it all week convinced I’d be last. 30 seconds faster than last year would give me real confidence too.

Saturday did a couple of laps of Strathy and paced 24 at parkrun. Great fun, I really enjoy doing that. Legs took time to wake up but they got me round. I felt like I could have run all day, just love days like that.

Sunday was another dreaded run on the road to Manchester. 18 miles with 10 at marathon pace. Wee run downhill to Strathy then did the Tom Scott 10 mile route. Windy but held it together and hit my aim, the ten miles in around 66 minutes. Kept passing Darran Muir and James Gillon who were running in the opposite direction so had to do that thing where you try and look easier than you actually are until you are past them, you know like the typical Scotsman on the beach abroad sucking in his belly when good looking lassies are nearby? Aye that. Got kudos from Darran on Strava so must have worked ๐Ÿ˜‰ The run home back up the hill for 4 miles? Not as nice.

Nearly cried.

Like a big Baldy baby.

Should have moved house before entering Manchester.

But no complaints, every run had hit its mark then I got plenty of time with my family, as a runner the sort of thing we live for and look forward to when sat at the office with our calculators and impressive but mind tormenting spreadsheets. Or is it just me?

So that was my running weekend, lots of miles, lots of fun, lots of hard work but lots of satisfaction. Running wise, aye, living for the weekend.


Incidentally I’m really proud of my East Coast pal David Henderson for starting up the Fife Runners Social Run club on Facebook now with over 700 members in a short space of time. Inclusive not exclusive being the plan to help any runners feeling lonely, inscure or just wanting some running company in this new year. Superb ๐Ÿ™‚

As I said this blog was written differently, posted and deleted earlier in the week. I had been in two minds about posting as it was quite personal and I was told that as a West of Scotland male it was a brave thing to post. After an hour or so and over 200 views, and some mixed responses I took it down. My choice as I simply didn’t feel comfortable. Back to the running.

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  1. Snap I was 4th in V50the Scottish championships tooย We’reBRILLIANT ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ŽSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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