Get the message – LAAA 3000m 2019 and some Strathclyde parkrun pacing

Aye I was annoyed last week, not with the world, not with running, not even with still not understanding the finale of “Lost” all those years ago but simply with myself.

The good thing about this running malarkey is we do get to go again. One track race left to go this season, the LAAA track champs at EK, my “home” track because I train there more often than I do with MAC (and it tolerates me a lot more than they do). One to really look forward to as last time I had done the LAAA at the same track I had finished last in the 1500, but we won’t mention that one.

I came out of last week ok, only my pride hurt and the expected abuse didn’t materialise. You know you’ve lost it when even your trolls stop reading you, now I know how Smash Hits felt (the finish line may be in sight anyway so don’t worry). The worst bit was trying to explain to my youngest son Jon why I had dropped out and couldn’t. Aye through the eyes of the young. He was disappointed in me and didn’t get it and I could see that.

He’s grounded now of course.

Anyway trained as normal, legs still worked, no harm done. Was to be the 3000m which I had ran a few of, taking over 30 seconds off my latter day PB this season. Start lists showed a contingent of Cambuslang runners amongst others but I thought if I ran to my best then I could be a contender for bronze. This week though it wasn’t going to phase me, I was going to channel it, use, and at least if nothing else finish the race. On the Saturday though a nice easy one and got the Strathclyde parkrun pacing vest on for the first time in ages and really enjoyed it. This inspired me, watching people hanging on for dear life for their aims even when struggling. No eejits dropping out like me. Cheers parkrunners, you shook my hand and thanked me after the run for helping you but you helped me just as much 🙂


Onto the Sunday and the conditions perfect. Drove to EK, got my number, wandered about myself as usual while all other clubs congregated in their tents and drank egg nog or something. (I don’t know, but they all sound as if they are having great fun).

The race start got closer. Only one of the Cambuslang contingent was there. I actually had my tactics planned but weren’t going to be needed today. Without sounding disrespectful to anyone else in the race, young Ryan Donnelly, a sub 16 runner at Strathclyde parkrun, was going to win at a canter and by a long way. Unless I did anything daft I should be comfortably in silver.


So lets not do anything daft like PB chase.

Ach sod it, let’s PB chase.

I’m really pleased with what and how I did, I ran the whole race solo as Ryan was gone in the first 100 metres. Got a small early buffer, hit some steady laps, ran hard the last one and despite all that time out myself I knew I was close. Great support from people I knew in the crowd, thanks Ross from Cumbernauld in particular, and head down and sprint finish. A new PB in 9.49.90, a silver medal and more importantly showing myself that I can handle the bad days and channel it into something better.


It’s only the Lanarkshire Championships. I know. It’s not the Scottish, it’s not a big one, but it means something to me. Jon was happy and excited, I think I went back up in his estimation. Ach he’s not grounded anymore. So just a short blog, that’s it, written in 5 minutes just to say to you not to get disheartened when the runs go wrong, because we get another chance. If you get nothing else out of these blogs, and there’s certainly no entertainment, then this time simply get the message. There’s always another day, make it yours 🙂


Get the message, by Electronic. One of the best songs EVER written, and that’s not up for debate 🙂



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