Latin Simone

So last blog the achilles felt better but the back had taken a battering after a run in with a poodle. I was so confident after that last run that I was on my way back but the pain in my back got worse and worse that day. That evening I bent to pick something up, my back spasmed and I was on the deck in agony, couldn’t stand up. Couldn’t sleep at night. The next morning I could barely stand. Drove to work and couldn’t get out the car for about 10 minutes which was funny I suppose if you are into laughing at wee bald men. Pain intense, inability to walk, managed to get an appointment with the nurse who gave me the old Lanarkshire staple of Diazepam and told me not to drive while taking them and to take time off work.

What a riddy. I can train for and run a marathon with no adverse effects. Dander 16 miles over the Blackhill transmitters in a mid-winter blizzard, no worries. Rabid dogs in Marrakesh, aye whatever. Steeplechase training with barriers three times the size of me, been there.

But see me?

See poodles?

Aye, off work for being pounced on by a poodle.

Not even a zombie poodle, or a rabid one. Aye it was tall and to be fair it had hair like Terry Hurlock but it was a poodle! The tablets indeed zapped me and I kept falling into sleeps but that day the pain got worse. I woke up during the night actually screaming as the pain was that intense on my back and couldn’t move to fix it. Thinking back to 2011 and spending 9 months on medication for back problems and 3 stone of weight going on. Adding ibuprofen and paracetamol to the mix and slowly things settled down. Kept trying to stay mobile when I could stay awake. Walking about. Ripped up another race number as Cumbernauld 10k passed and admitted defeat for the Great Scottish Run as well. But each day did get a bit better. I went back to work Monday and as long as I get up regularly and walk about it’s not too bad. I’ve managed two sessions the last 2 nights on the turbo trainer sound-tracked by the “Play the B-sides” Album by Moby. It’s mad how a track called “Running” is the best song to cycle too. Here it is for your delectation.

I am off the diazepam and have just been to the nurse. I’m hoping that I can maybe do a wee jog in the next couple of days. It could have been a lot worse but the timing just really sucked after having had the achilles problems. “Situation stuff as much food in my fat gub” as usual got critical and I am 10 pounds over my racing weight and at my heaviest since January 2017. No excuses, I just like eating, and too much. I can hear my suit trousers creaking around the waist every time I go to move. So there we have it, be careful out there.

If it is raining cats and dogs be careful not to step in a poodle.

The song. Damon Albarn’s finest for me. As melancholic as they come but still an uplifting gem to me. Kind of down but not quite out. Enjoy.

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