The windmills of your mind

It’s not often that I am stuck for words but I have been humbled by the response to my last wee piece on my brother Robert Another Girl Another Planet. I know that this is supposed to be a running blog, but primarily it’s my blog, and I was worried about the possible reaction to what was a very personal scribble. Thank you each and everyone of you, and it was into four figures, who took the time to read, who took the time to give me your kind words. As a natural cynic I have genuinely been gobsmacked by the support from family, friends, workmates and the running community.

I am going back towards the running now, so this blog will focus on the running community. We are a simple bunch. We do look out for each other. People know the simple things. The amount of invitations I had from so many people to just come out a run and either talk, or just forget about things for a while. The messages from people just letting me know they were there. A card through the letterbox, beautiful and thank you.

I was fortunate yesterday to be taken up the windfarm by four lovely fellas. Ooo-er matron, I know, but get your mind out the gutter.


For a Spurs fan Marc Bromwich is actually alright. We’ve known each other a good few years more online than offline, having supported each other on the Running Bug website before either of us had taken the club joining step and when I used to be able to beat him. Aye that’s a long time ago. He arranged this one for up at Whitelees Windfarm and brought in George, Connell and Team Baldy’s Scott.


It was fresh to say the least, and being a wind farm was windy. Really. But it was great. It was exactly what my head needed. The chat was flowing and I was going in and out of it in waves. Sometimes away in my thoughts, sometimes listening to George and Brom’s ribbings and joining in. The lads were great, no pressure, was just great to be out in the fresh air and away from the negative thoughts bringing my head down. We did two loops round the reservoir, 14 miles in total. Undulating but without any real steep climbs. Felt it the second lap rather than the first. Scott dropped out after one lap shortly after about 40 sheep were guided past us by sheep dogs and I’m not saying it’s not just a coincidence, but he is a Killie fan….

I’m not going to go through every nook and cranny of this run but I really, really enjoyed it. I finished covered in mud, freezing cold, heavy legged but mentally fresher. I’ll go back up there again as there are loads of different routes and will be doing the 10k Running the Blades race there in July. Thanks lads you have no idea how good it was for me. The windmills of the mind in full motion.


The next week is going to be a toughie but it’s good getting those wee moments where you become you again, as temporary as it may be. Got home to find a prize from Men’s Running magazine as their substar of the month, so my ugly mug is going to be in the subscriber’s copies of the next issue. I apologise in advance and can’t even remember the answers to the questions that I gave as it was a while ago…


Today I just got the trainers on, the tunes on and ran as well. It was good.


Running really is therapy. I am so glad I have it in my life, and all you magic people too. Thank you again and I’ll never forget it.

The tune today. It had to be, and my favourite version by the vocal genius that is Mr Terry Hall. Please enjoy.

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