Trailing in the wake – Stirling 10k 2017

I know, two in quick succession. Be spoiled happy blogpeeps. Playlist at the magical markgallmac playlist. It’s the tunes from these blogs.

Stirling 10k. Last year I went out hard PB chasing and the legs went with two to go. Finished weary but was pleased I had given it a go. 38.53, and never turn down a sub 39. Gordon Donnachie caught the mood better than I could ever try to explain…


Oh I know. Surprised it wasn’t in Scottish Athletics calendar as well…

Anyway this year and not in shape for a PB tilt, having struggled to find any real form since my 37.46 at the Brian Goodwin, but I was looking forward to a run. Aye I’ve had a real attitude change in the last couple of weeks. There’s a time for PBs, there’s a time for flat out running, there’s a time for a run. It was the Scottish champs. Smashing. The MAC Champs. Cares not a jot. Head progress. Sunday morning and off we popped in the Kennedy mobile. Warm up and plenty of hellos in the dreich Stirling rain. Pre run photo as we did the publicity shot for a non existent Stirling taxi firm. Or was it a chatline?


….jingle… “Want some chat and runner heaven, phone 456 777”. Aye OK. Few strides and up we go. Simple approach, just wanted to show the same attitude as last week. Go out and run as best I can on the day, no regrets, and aim for under 39  minutes. Simple. Get a steady pace and try and keep it up. Speaking of keeping it up, the organisers failed as the inflatable starting gantry collapsed as we lined up to start, certainly breaking the tension as the viagra banter flowed, even if we were all getting soaked.


Once it was moved we were off and about to manoeuvre the first crazy mad random bend before getting into a long straight.


I settled in alongside PH racings Andy Jannetta, and not far behind MAC’s gazelle Ross Thomson. Knew I wasn’t in shape for a low 38 run from the first k, so the aim to keep under 4 minutes per k and pick up near the end if I could. And steady enough I went. 5k in about 19.33 and feeling alright. Quite enjoying the run. The hard bit was at the turn about 6k in where you go back where you came. All these folk I was running with at the Brian Goodwin were a long way ahead, minutes, I was really trailing in the wake, and that felt tough. My only cloud, but I will use that as focus, and I aim to work hard over the winter to try and get back where I was. Where I went to pieces last year at 7 or 8 I felt strong and cranked it up and was passing a few folk as we came to the finish,a nice final k with a  sprint finish and finished in under 39 again. Beat last years time by a magical .2 of a second but all rounded up, a finishing time of 38.53  and all in all I was happy with that one.


Scottish Athletics 10k Championships, Sept 19th, 2017 (C)Bobby Gavin


And that was that. A decent flat course if not the most beautiful, and one I’d like a real crack at if fully fit. I quite enjoyed it despite the weather and even the hurt I felt of being off the pace. But I WILL be back up there, and will at least give it a damn good go. Special mention to Team Baldy’s Scott McCue, smashing his PB again, boy is on fire. So where now? GSR in a few weeks but again not in shape I was in at Alloa, so a run. What’s next then? Got my answer today when the 50 minute pacer at the Cumbernauld 10k this coming Sunday had to withdraw. That’s the answer, that’s the call. I can run, and enjoy it, and hopefully drive that funbus through under 50 minutes.

Sold to the baldy man in the claret vest!

So that’s my next challenge at the weekend. Hope to see some of you there and come join the bus, it may not be Venga but we will have a bit of fun, rain or shine.

This week’s tune. I’m waiting for the delivery of Mark Rae’s autobiography which also has a 10 inch record in it. Rae and Christian done some cracking hip hop and street soul. This is a wee instrumental from their second album, and it’s apt for this week. Enjoy.

Thanks to Ewen Cameron, Kevin McMillan, Anna Gonzalez McNeish, Martin Sloss and That One Moment’s Bobby Gavin for the pictures.



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