Pushing on – includes Drumpellier 5k 2017

Disclaimer: Aye OK I’m a moan, I’m sensitive, I’m also very tired but I’m not going to change. Note the blog songs are all in a playlist HERE

In running, in life, in work, you get weeks that are more challenging than others. Sometimes worlds align and they all batter you at the one time. In the one day. And that can be rough. Now I am not wanting sympathy. It’s a blog. I set the scene, that’s what it’s about. Now running first. The legs are feeling heavier after the marathon. I know it’ll pass but I am impatient. Work is as stressful as I ever remember it being. It’s big. There’s plenty of it. I could work every minute of every day just now and not make a proper dent. And combining with some personal stuff going on that I won’t elaborate on I’ve had a week with little sleep, little respite from stress and one that I haven’t had the strength to deal with the way a 46 year old man should be able to. Yep never claimed to be the strong one.  Was disappointed this week to have to step down from my role as Minister of Propaganda/ Communications Manager at MAC, but when the time isn’t there and the heart isn’t in it then what can you do. Anyway back to the running, that’s what this is all about. Sunday was good, did a 10 miler with the Chairman which was good for the head if not the legs. Spin Monday then back for a club efforts session on the Tuesday. Lovely run up to Limewalk, then a hill session of 4 x 1 min, 4 x 50 seconds, 4 x 40 seconds. Jog down recovery. I won’t pretend it was easy, and the lactic burn from about half way slapped me on the face like Jonathan Ross with a large fish, but for most of the session I wasn’t far off the Chairman and Clotheshorse Cammy so happy enough with that.


Amusingly won the prize for best technique and got a packet of fruit pastilles, not sure Kitbag and the Chairman in the background were too happy….


All in all though good to be back, and a great crowd to train with.


With a very busy rest of week all I managed was a 10 miler on my own Thursday night, and a dreadful 5k on Saturday morning where my legs were heavier than Robert Gilroy’s medal box. It was honking. Parp parp it honked. And loudly. Only did the run because I couldn’t sleep but just made me even more tired. Did I mention I was tired? The only good thing was running in the rain refreshed me.


Simple things.  That afternoon spent some great time with the kids and Elaine, and perked up a bit. We had what you would call a bit of a giraffe.


Anyway neck reeled in and onto the bones of this week. Last year I did the Drumpellier 5k. Tough wee course but enjoyable. This was after the incident where I got my blog name and Kev and Louise had shown their support.


I had finished 5th in what was quite a low key race with only one other club mate in it, so entered again this year for a run. So of course MAC decided to make it a club champ race. Others were doing it too, so instead of last years 50 entrants, this year there were almost 3 times that. Aw naw. The legs are heavy. I’m not where I was. I’m tired (did I tell you that?).  Found something that I had got in my latest Adidas Superstar trainers and actually liked it. Aye that’ll do me.


Ach woose. Just go out and run as I feel and it’ll all be a step in the right direction. Aye run it as best as I can and sod anything else. I had also on Friday downloaded this blog’s song. The latest one by Boxed In. Aye I know they have been in here before but when you are feeling as I have and you hear the words “Got to keep working, got to keep working harder, got to keep pushing, got to keep pushing on” it can resonate. In my heid. An ear worm. It made sense. I know. It’s music, but it works for me. Daft complex beastie that I am. Turned up to Drumpellier and MAC were out in force. It would be what it would be. I actually was relaxed and didn’t care. Wished Robert Gilroy luck (ha!) for the half marathon as he went for his 15th or something in a row and had a jog up to the start. And we were off. Clotheshorse Cammy and Dynamic Davie Gardiner were away rapid, with quite a few in pursuit. Like last year the first slightly downhill K, despite being into a wind, was rapid. I slowed myself as people streamed by and settled into my pace in about 15th place or so. Nothing daft. Like the Tom Scott BabybelNeil was away hard. Would try not to let the elastic break this time. First k done and I hear a scream behind me. Found out later Marcus had taken a bad tumble but showed great resoluteness in getting up and carrying on. Kitbag wasn’t so lucky and was taken out by a sniper shot on his calf. Hopefully back soon. Back to the race and the youngsters who had went out hard were being picked off one by one as I hit a steady pace. About 2 1/2k in and Robert Gilroy went past me. He would go on to win the half marathon by around 6 minutes. Amazing stuff. Back to us short runners and knowing that I am not the best descender and knowing another downhill was to come I decided to make my move on Neil on the first of the uphill sections, as slight as it was. Fear to the side. If he came back at me then great, well done him. Stop respecting people too much and make it difficult for him. “Got to keep working, got to keep working harder, got to keep pushing, got to keep pushing on”. 1.5k to go and the rest pretty much uphill and against the wind. I worked hard for the first climb out of the park and up to the train station and overtook someone else. Starting trying to reel in Mick O’hagan from Cambuslang but to be honest was never going to get him, but ran hard for home, feeling better than I had in ages.


Had pleasingly worked my way up to 6th in the field in a time of (18.22 my watch and) 18.24 (official).



Oooft pleased with that. Davie had pulled away from Cammy for the win, and Clare had taken the silver in the female race in an exciting finish. I had finished 3rd MAC runner. Lots of great results for MAC throughout the field.


You know, I am still about 30 seconds off my best but I really felt good about this one. A challenging course. A good calibre of opposition. But most importantly for me I enjoyed it. I felt myself flowing a little better. Niggly aye but getting there, oh aye. Let’s see what the next few weeks will bring. It’ll all be a challenge, I know that, but otherwise life would be boring.

Thank you to Ann Leach, June Duggan, Kevin Durnian, me and Joe Hoolaghan for the pics. Here’s the tune.

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