We hate it when our friends become successful – includes strathclyde parkrun 355

Disclaimer : Long title, short blog. And the title is totally tongue in cheek. Calm that ire and don’t judge me 🙂 Tell me honestly, how do you feel when your pals are running better than you?

The marathon seems so long ago, but as of writing it was only two weeks ago. The first week I did almost nothing, a very short slow one. This week on Facebook I had decided on a wee deal with myself (so I could get an excuse to play this song, it’s gorgeous it really is )

My deal? Go do handicap time trial on heavy legs at club and if as bad as I thought then pull out of Friday’s Scottish 5k champs with dignity intact. These things never go as expected. Despite being heavy I wasn’t my expected last and actually ended up mid field with a summer course PB and a cracking last kilometre. 24.27 for 4 miles was decent enough. I really was in two minds what to do, but heavy legs over the next couple of days coupled with strange goings on in my wee personal world made it a no brainer and it was an easy decision not to run. I know some folk can hit the ground running after a marathon. I have to be honest with myself. I am not one of those people. I’m no spring chicken. And that is how it is. I guess I’m more Bargain Hunt than Take me Out.

Now to the blog title. And it is not meant bitterly. There are a few guys I train with all the time. The Chairman and the Legend are two of them and they have both been flying while I have been doing daft long runs. And I knew they were on for something special and I wanted to be in on that. Sitting at my Mum’s watching the results coming through from Edinburgh when the Chairman had lowered almost 45 seconds off his PB in a  time of 17.43 and the Legend bringing off the same time differential for his first sub 19 in 18.34 had me flabbergasted, delighted and envious at the same time. I have to be clear about the distinction between envy and jealousy. Not jealous, envious. Spoilt brat me. I want that as well as my marathon experience and I know I can’t have that. So yeah maybe in future stick to the short stuff, I have a couple of guys to chase now and I am really am bloody delighted for them. What do I love more? I think the way I felt tells me the answer. Bring back the short stuff. I enjoyed the marathon, but I love the short stuff, I care about it more. This brought it home. Dust off the racers, wee baldy Marko is coming back.

So with this in mind it’s time to get the finger out. Saturday morning and along to Strathclyde parkrun. I know I’m not at my best. It’s also very windy, the wind on the loch can be a cruel mistress. . I know I have a decent base and a few solid weeks and I won’t be far away from where I was, so simple plan. Out and run it steady, sod anyone else. Use my strength in the wind and try and go sub 19. Manage that? Job done. Caught up with a few folk at the start and watched as the Cambuslang Legends contingent turned up en masse. Off we went and I let them hare away. Was looking for between 3.45 or so per k and you know? I managed it. Settling in about 12th or so as the cross wind swirled like a bad yin I steadily moved up and at 1.5k to go as the full force of the headwind hit us, and it was mighty, believe me, I reminded myself I was marathon strong and dug in. Passed a couple of right good runners including Cambuslang’s Colin Feechan who I have respected for many a year to finish in 5th place in 18.39. Job done, first v45 and a pleasing run. OK, 45 seconds outside my 5k best, and 28 seconds outside my course best, but I do still have London legs. Good base to work on.


So that’s where I am. I am pleased with how I did. My legs did ok. I loved the marathon training and enjoyed the occasion. I felt strong and speed will come. But to the Chairman and the Legend, I want that buzz that you got. Despite what yer man Morrissey says I don’t actually hate what you’ve done, but I want a piece of it. Away marathons. Away gels and blisters and 16 week plans. Give me the track work. Give me my racers. Give me the b@ws out racing. THAT is what I am missing. Still entered the London Ballot again though 🙂

EDIT: Been speaking to Kitbag who may have hit the nail in the head. I missed the group aspect. Perfect.


The tune:

Thanks baldy Dave for the pics.

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