Turn the page – Jack Crawford 10k and being 45.

http://www.facebook.com/markgallmac Twitter: @vanhaddock Disclaimer :These are the views of a man who hasn’t had a beer since December 31st. And who still has the hands of an extra large woman. 

Before I start a final wee reminder, and it is final, the voting is closing for blog of the year at the Running Awards on Monday 20th March. I’m hearing that the battle for third place may be quite close….I am privileged to be in the shortlist for my wee blog. I am not affiliated to any magazines or products as many of the other shortlisted blogs are and as an independent it is difficult to mix it up with the big boys. Having met many of you at races you know that I’m just a wee runner like yourselves who likes to keep a log of my progress with no hidden agendas except the love of running and writing. I would appreciate if you could take a minute out of your time to vote for my wee blog. It would mean a lot to me.
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Anyway, onwards to the blog. It’s two fold. Firstly on a decent weeks training after the Cambuslang 10k, which finished in a good 20 miler, but also took in another 10k, with the Jack Crawford Springburn Cup 10k. There were four of us from Motherwell doing it, me, the Legend, Robert and recent recruit Andrew. Hadn’t done it before but heard it was mostly flat after a few climbs at the start. Conditions seemed OK. Cold, and wee wind but nothing major. Aim was to be same as last week, to go out and run hard, and try and maintain a consistent pace. A lot of hellos again and we were off with the uphill start. I made an arse of it and got boxed in, but soon got myself out of bother alongside the Merriweather brothers, with the Legend right on my shoulder.IMG_3266

The first k was winding and climbing, but done in 3.50. Second the same and that was fine. My aim was to do solid 3.50s, this would take me once again under 38.30 which would be perfect on tired legs. Onto the canal and seemingly as per usual I was tailing Henry. He was encouraging as always. I think this guy is always happy. Even the week before when rumour has it he forgot his shorts and ran 3 miles tempo in his jeans. Anyway out past 5k in about 19.10 with Henry alongside, hit the turn, hit a headwind and worked hard to the end. 10k beep went before I finished with Strava telling me I had a 10k best of 38.07, but official time was 38.27 on what seemed a long course. Very happy with how I ran the last 4k into the wind though, and every mile was steady apart from the last as I upped it.


Worthwhile session and enjoyable run. Big mentions for Stephen Duffy from Hamilton smashing his best, Henry for outsprinting his brother on the line, and last but no means least the Legend for smashing the sub 40 for the first time. Well deserved and plenty more to come 🙂 He looked emotional as he crossed the line.


So that was that and time to turn the page. Why? Last race as a 45 year old. A year passed since I turned v45 just before Alloa Half Marathon. A nice place for reflection. 5K as a 44 year old 18.23, as a 45 year old 17.54. 10k was 38.59, now 38.11, 10 miles was 67.53 now 65.18, half marathon was 92.45 now 88.51. Throw in some track including a county medal and being 45 has been magic. Being 46 starts tomorrow race wise with Alloa half again, scene of my first sub 90 last year. At time of writing the forecast isn’t the best wind wise, but it will be what it will be. As a 46 year old I still refuse to lie down to age, I will carry on trying to do the best I can. I won’t have the improvements I had as a 45 year old, but I am still aiming for that sub 38 10k, looking to do a first marathon, and will try my best to go sub 18 again at 5k. Age is only a number. And as an accountant numbers can be twisted. Just don’t tell my boss. See you soon on that next page 🙂 And check out the great wrapping paper from Elaine…. 

Thanks Kenny Phillips for the pics.

Turn the page by the Streets. Well before I started running again and before I became a family man my hobby was eating crap, drinking vodka and recording my own music in a vodka haze. I couldn’t sing so spoke over my own beats. This album by the Streets came out and everything I tried to do was done better: better lyrics, beats and tunes. So I chucked it 🙂 When I listen back to my stuff, man it was bad, but this is Mike Skinner’s finest.

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