Sensitize -failing plans, cleansing and another Livi trip

Disclaimer : these are the rants of me and of no one with any common sense, manners or knowledge of anything running based. I’m OK with that.

Sensitize. According to the dictionary “Cause (someone or something) to respond to certain stimuli; make sensitive.” Also “to give someone some experience or knowledge of a particular problem or situation so that they can notice it and understand it easily”. Nah don’t worry. This irritating and self deprecating blog isn’t about to turn into some type of “Learn English the Newarthill way an’ that”workshop. It’s a one word summary of my week. Filled with confidence after a fast 20 miler last Saturday, the benefits of that quickly disappeared as an extra weekend at work flowed into a week of extra hours, each end of my core working day, to make any chance of building on my training disappear. Friday before I could fit in anther run and that was at 5.50 on the Friday morning to the gym for a spin class.And a wee run back up the road. Can’t really say much more than my Facebook status.

“Up just after 5 to run to gym to do a spin class featuring hill climbs to the beat of Cascada followed by a 3 mile run uphill back home. What has my life become. #roonyelondon”

Getting sensitive to my working conditions, what was causing it, having the last of my management workshop sessions and realising certain things which aren’t for a running blog. Sensitize. Aye. The marathon plan that had had 2 great weeks was in shreds again, but head up, rejig it and I refuse to give it up, despite knowing the same thing will no doubt happen next month.

Also this week I finally received my Running Heroes prize of a 1 day Presscription juice cleanse. It’s worth 65 quid so I wasn’t going to let it go off, what a waste that would be.


Now I won this as a prize. I am always honest when discussing things on here. I was to replace food for a day with these 8 juices. And I was going to do a full blog on the experience. But man that would be dull. The website says “At Presscription we use only the highest quality produce. Our delicious and super healthy juices are 100% raw and unpasteurised, we do not add anything to our juices or treat them in any way” Anyway I did it. And here are my simple thoughts. The juices were delicious with the exception of the beetroot one which was the most honking concoction I have ever tasted. The juice of the devil. 7out of 8 not bad then. I was never hungry during the day. I think I lost a pound but it’s difficult to say. I never had the runs or anything like that which I was scared about. Would I pay 65 of my hard earned for it? No. But I did genuinely enjoy 8 of the juices, they were lovely. Would a longer cleanse work? Possibly. One thing is that I didn’t find it difficult to not each shit. Sensitize. Aye. I am not saying don’t do it, but if it’s your thing in my opinion don’t spend the money on a one day cleanse.

Sensitize part 3. Running problem. I have next to no speed in my legs. Probably. I don’t really know and have to address it. So was time to up the ante at a parkrun. Myself and Kitbag Kev were going to go to Springburn but with traffic carnage warnings re the M8 we headed east instead to Livingston again. I enjoyed it last time although the weather was dreich, so was looking forward to it. Needed to once again tempo but at a slightly more uncomfortable pace. Plan was to up it a wee bit at the start, be braver over the trail section and if I felt good at the turn to head for home and try and get as close to 19 as possible. The Lothian runners were out in force again, like last time, including the Inglis sisters. Sarah would no doubt be after a win after her great run at Armagh during the week, whereas Mhairi was just ahead of me on my last visit, so trying to keep close to her over the first couple of K. And we were off. A group of 6 away rapidly with Sarah at the front. Mhairi and her club mate Owen Williams not far behind. I tried to stick with them but the pace was rapid. Quick look at watch and pace was about 3.10 – 3.20 a k. Not for me. Not that brave. Had to wind it in a bit, Owen did the same and we went through 1k in about 3.43, still a bit faster than my last visit, but once again with me obscured for the pictures.


Honest it is my leg. Least I wasn’t trying to bite his shoulder this time. I stuck behind Owen on the trail section but was definitely moving better than my last visit and Mhairi appeared to be slowing in front, so as I was feeling good decided to pass, then crack on from the half way point. Over the bridge about 15 seconds faster than my last visit so upped the pace. The group in front too far ahead for me to try and catch but I set about getting my running form back and trying to hit a consistent but challenging pace for the last couple of k.


Aye the Fonzie thumbs show I didn’t really manage the form bit, but was happy with a 3.40 4th k which I maintained to the end coming in in 18.37, almost a minute better than last time, and not far behind a wee group in front. Sarah Inglis had stormed it in 17.06. Oooft. For me? Progress my friends, and a wee confidence booster. Fair enough, it’s 43 seconds outside my best. But it’s February. Get this marathon out the way and I’ll be back chasing the 5s again 🙂


Good run from Kitbag as well who is getting stronger each week after a lot of injury problems.


Today was a solo Sunday Slog. After my parkrun yesterday, and my 2 runs on Friday sandwiching a spin class was never going to hammer it, so chose a wee saunter over to the Blackhill transmitters. Average 8 minute miles hopefully. Chance to wear the Adios over a longer run too as I plan to wear them in London. Started off well enough, felt great until got to distillery hill about 7 or so miles in. Its then a climb for probably 4 or 5 miles. And today I felt it. It was foggy and couldn’t even see the transmitters. I slogged it. Got the the other side and its 5 miles or so back, sometimes with a headwind. The headwind today was horrendous. 5 miles of misery. Even Cascada at the spin class wasn’t as bad. But I got there eventually. 17.6 miles in 2 hrs 18. Character building I’m sure…. but after all my moaning this week about not getting the chance to run I’m very grateful that I got to do it, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing 🙂

So today’s tune is one from back in the day. That Petrol Emotion, formed from the ashes of the Undertones when Feargal Sharkey grew his hair terribly and went searching for a good heart. Should have been massive. This a guitar pop classic of theirs. Sensitize.

The fine print now….

Reminder: My wee blog is shortlisted for blog of the year at the Running Awards at the O2 In April. Please consider a wee vote at:

Hopefully with a bit of interest on the blog it will give a bit of exposure to Breast Cancer care for whom I am running the London Marathon 🙂.

Now for new readers I am on the road to London for my first, probably only, marathon. It’s all new to me. I sort of have an idea what I am trying to do. I am running it for breast cancer care so would appreciate a wee donation for a great cause if you are that way inclined 🙂

Catch you all soon 🙂

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