Love and Hate -on the road to London

In the week that the countdown to London crept well below the 100 day mark it seems right to get my finger out of my blogging arse and give a wee update on how I am or am not doing. It’s been a while since my last running blog (I feel like I’m at a catholic confessional). And things really have been mixed. The last I blogged about was the christmas handicap. Christmas itself came and I ate like a horse, and kept eating. I have no self discipline at all for chocolate. And cake. And chocolate cake. I like cake. ย I tried to keep things going and managed good milage in the week I was off work. Going through a blizzard whilst hungover on boxing day through Storm Connor up at the transmitters wasn’t my wisest move. But I got through it, and the 5 mile headwind that followed it. I was quite happy with my miles, though I knew speed was lacking, and my weight had crept up by over half a stone since October. Aye not clever. But it’s fine, plenty of time to go.

Started off the New Year with a marathon pace hungover half marathon on my own in a decent 1.36 (I have since came “affit” until after London).


Had a catch up with the #4HM ending in Empire biscuits, maybe not the best thing in my belly position.


I was building up a decent wee lot of milage and was looking into my cross training. Was enjoying spin so decided to do a double bill of circuits and spin. Bad move. The circuits wrecked me. Genuinely. I had 2 days where I couldn’t run and should have taken more time off. Came back and did a honking trail interval session where I got left behind. Hamstrings so tight. Piriformis screaming. Back calling me a fud. Circuits are the devil and are NOT for me. Did a long run on the Sunday and found myself trailing way behind the Chairman and the Legend. I was in pain. Respite came with my financial year end at work, where hours ranging from 7 in the the morning until after 10 at night saw a week of no running in what was to be my second week of my program. The rest probably did me good as much as I hate to admit it.So week 1, managed half a week. Week 2, managed no runs. Weight still on as ate a load of crap while at my desk for all hours. And stiff as a board from sitting for hours on end. Some things my fault, some things out of my control, and the London counter hit 100 days. I won’t lie. I was already highly stressed from a really tough period at work. The no running was making me worse. Last Saturday I managed a wee 6 miler on my own. Mood lifter. Sunday, 4 miles on my own, then 12 with Gary, Eddie, the chairman and Stuart. Better. Not great but better. Slow but more comfortable. 7 miles recovery on Monday. Was supposed to be 5 but there was a gaggle of neds running about Ravenscraig with fireworks, so I diverted myself out of shitebaggedness. Tuesday did an interval session of 8 x 3 minutes. It was a struggle and although I was off the pace with people I used to be able to keep with I kept hitting my markers and had a consistent session. Took a lot of heart from it. Small recovery run tonight and here I am. Two and a half weeks of love and hate. I am not where I had hoped to be, but I’m on the road and barring disaster I WILL get round London, and I am determined to enjoy it. I am working hard and will keep doing it where I can, so if you feel generous why not visit my wee just giving page for Breast Cancer Care ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately for me the SVHC relays have come along too early but I gave my word and am selected for a strong B team. I offered to move down but my request was denied. I don’t have the speed in my legs, but as aways I will go out and give it everything, I do however have really low expectations, but for me it’s all part of the build up, just feel sorry for the rest of the team. ย It’s great running , and I am actually looking forward to competing again despite being off the pace. Ain’t going to get quicker unless the speed work starts ๐Ÿ™‚ The mojo for this truly kicked in when we went to the Edinburgh X C races. After getting a picture of Beth Potter’s backside for Kev (aye OK, my photo attempts were awful) I watched Callum Hawkins race in awe as he front ran in the style of Steve Jones, being unfortunate to get pipped on the line.


Aye I was excited. Aye I have missed racing. Let’s get this monkey off the back as heavy as the monkey may be, and start the season. The weight will come off. The legs will get faster, and I will get more irritating. I’ll try and get more regular now with updates and wish each and every one of you a great running and racing year. See you out there ๐Ÿ™‚

Love and Hate by Michael Kiwanuka, superb song and album.

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