London, can you wait? 

You know I didn’t realise how long it had been since my last blog. I’ve been busy. Really busy like you wouldn’t believe. Also had a wee injury set back but back on the horse now. Did manage to take my unfortunately more substantial frame (thank you Chocolate Orange n Fry’s creams…) round the club xmas handicap in a below par 25 ½ minute jaunt, and somehow avoided last place, so a couple of bonuses there. 

Also had a wee piece in RunABC Scotland which was nice. 

Cheers Alex Osborne for pic

Since then I have simply been trying to get miles back in the legs. My injury problems coincided with my running out of Solgar 7, maybe a coincidence, so I bit the bullet and bought some more after a month or so without, and within a week the inflammation around my piriformis and hip seemed to be gone. Placebo effect, or does this do something? This is the second time this has happened, so I am currently inclined to think there is something in it. I emailed them and offered to be a brand ambassador for them in my run up to London, but think it must have ended up in their junk folder 🙂 . So as I said now I can run again so I have been building up the runs again. Managed to get the Legend round a 14 miler last week, and he repaid me by persuading me to do a track session in Storm Barbara yesterday. Swine. So what is the point of this all? Well I am now building up for my assault on London. After a blip I am not coming at it from where I wanted, but enough time to work hard and hopefully get round with no regrets and respectably.   
But I still have my confusions. London can’t wait for my knowledge to catch up.

Strava can be dangerous at times. Everyone I know who does marathons or is doing a marathon has a plan. A rigid plan. Mapped to the nth degree. A 43 min 20 run today at HR4 on a contour of 32 with the wind facing Baillieston in clothes with a mauve and pastel reference of 6.2. I have no idea what they are on about. Do I even want to? I have the bones of a plan that Big H from Bella did last year that took him to a storming 3.03 in his debut that I am playing with. I know I am not capable of anywhere near that, and I know that the next few months will also be busy from a work perspective so what do I do? With all respect Science can do one. I don’t understand it. I don’t have time to follow it. So what IS my plan? In simplicity I build up my miles and amounts of runs. Sunday will stay long getting it up to a max of 22 miles. I will do my club efforts sessions on a Tuesday night. I will do recovery runs religiously. I will do a marathon pace run every 2 weeks upping the distance on each one. Steady parkun on a Saturday where I can with some easy miles either side. I will factor in a good half marathon, and some other races. But I can’t and won’t get dragged into specific things on specific days, because I would fall part mentally and physically. So Blogpeeps can I do that? Can I “Wing it” to London make it round enjoying it, and still go under 3 hr 30? All my long runs will be under a specific pace. I will do recovery and easy runs for time on feet. I will have a speed session a week at least. We shall see. Here marketh the end of my first London training blog. And even that was difficult 🙂 Have a great xmas blogpeeps, and hope the trainers you get are day – glo.

3 thoughts on “London, can you wait? 

  1. Always nice to see a Gene mention! I don’t think you’re far off (IMHO) with your training plan given where you are and how much time you have. Goal 1 is to make sure physically (and mentally) you finish so building up the long run is the most important thing. Sensibly increase the distance and then (if you have time) think about the pace you’re doing, but the first of those is way more important. I found tempo runs at race pace or just under were also good, between six and 12 miles long. The rest for me was just steady running at race pace or slightly slower. Definitely don’t get hung up on doing certain things on certain days (but plan things around your long run). If you build everything up to the race you’ll start to feel more tired in the last few weeks so it’s important to be flexible. Anyway, sermon over, have fun with it!


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