On Hold

This blog is dedicated to the two young Aldershot, Farnham and District athletes who sadly lost their lives this week when out doing what they love

I haven’t been sleeping well recently for a multitude of reasons. Last night as time went on I was getting even more restless. It’s been a few weeks. Last week tried a run but the back was far too sore and I lasted 300m in all. 

Nothing daft. 

So another week gone and I know things have felt better over the last few days so the plan was to try a wee run this weekend. About 4 this morning I woke up. No back pain. Yeah was going to be today I tried. So I was even more restless. I’ve missed it you know. Tossed and turned for a while. Eventually got up. Elaine sleeping so the search for clothes in the dark. Downstairs avoiding hungry meowing cats. Cereal bar. Energy drink. Search for the Garmin. Find the Garmin. Charge the Garmin (oops). The gear on. Trainers tied. Wait for signal on the now partly charged Garmin and out the door. Sun actually shining. Through the gate into the park and a wee jog. Past last weeks stopping point. Back feeling ok. Legs heavy. Glutes tight. Ach I’m old, that’s ok. Running ok. 1k uphill done. 2nd k uphill done. Back still fine. The fog of the last few weeks clearing in my head. Smile at a barking dog. Cross road from barking dog. Last wee uphill bit. Past the Newhouse and a few k back down. Feeling good. Great to be out there. 5k done in about 24 mins odd. Last wee bit to the house through the mud in the park. Finished. 

Back totally fine. Legs heavy. Glutes still tighter than I’d like but I’m a happy man. Hopefully running no longer on hold. My wife telling me I’m happier than I’ve been in weeks. Running does this to me. She gets it. Tomorrow I could wake up in pain again but for now I’m happy and back on track. I’ll get to run again. Lucy and Stacey won’t. To all at AFD and to their friends and families I can offer nothing but my condolences and hope that justice is done for them. And my promise that I will try and remember that enjoyment of running. 

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