Dare – the Stirling 10k 2016

My head in a good place. My legs working not too bad. Last week was a good one for me. Although it’s been all short races recently my Stirling 10k entry was in, so was going to give it a go. Scottish champs. Fast field. Paisley had shown that there wasn’t much 10k fitness and I hadn’t done anything about that since but as it was probably my last 10k of the year I would go for it and try for a PB. No harm. Wanted to try and get near the 38 since my PB is 38.28. Big ask, especially not being 10k fit, but as I keep reminding myself “if you Daren’t you don’t.” Aye, the walking cliche, that’s me ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a decent enough day and had a wee warm up with Mr Kennedy and the tallest Mark in the world before the usual hellos to many of the usual suspects. Had had a couple of cracking battles with triathlete JP Murphy over 5k and 10 miles and was good to see him before the race. At 1-1 and with us both looking for the low 38s it could be a good battle again. Started reasonably far back and the toot toot of the tooter (or was it the hoot hoot of the hooter ?) had us away. Tight wee start then plenty of room and a pretty flat start. First few k and all going to plan. Averaging under 3.50 per k. Mr Kennedy just ahead. Playing a wee bit of ping pong with PHs Scott Love who I knew would be just ahead of me or just behind me as our form has been very similar over the last year. The aim was to hit 5k between 19 and 19.15, and going through in 19.03 was perfect. Felt great as the leaders came past us with it being an out and back. Up and round the most important traffic cone in the world and was on the way back. Through 6k and all good then I started to feel the headwind. Seemed to come from nowhere. Slowed down a little, not hugely but enough for me to know that sub 38 wasn’t for today. At this point JP came past, telling me to dig in. That I was doing but today it just wasn’t there. Still on for a PB though so was going the best I could. But I was slowing. Up the slope to the river and the last 2k the legs felt like jelly. Tried to hang onto Bellas Garry Porch but the legs wouldn’t allow it. It was a weary me who came over the line. 

Not by any means my worst run of the year as I got another sub 39 in 38.53. No regrets in giving it a go but know the sort of work I have to do to get in sub 38.30 pace again. Was chuffed to see that JP had gone sub 38, and The Mighty Bromwich had gone sub 36. Brilliant lads. Few more PBs for some of the Cambuslang lads too. Me? Disappointed after the couple of weeks I’ve had, but no regrets about chasing the PB. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Finished poorly but a respectable time. I’d do it again. If you daren’t you don’t. I prefer the dare. Get wellied in.

Today I found I was nominated for the running awards blog of the year. If you like reading this then please consider a wee vote, will take 1 minute to register ๐Ÿ™‚


Later my blogpeeps.

Thanks to Gordon Donnachie for the finishing photo of doom. Have some Gorillaz ๐Ÿ™‚

Edited to add: Scottish Athletics put this slightly less gruesome picture in their website. Thanks to Bobby Gavin.

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