Forget- how not to run a 1500m. Shettleston OGM

We have all had them. The honking race where you appear to have forgotten how to run. I have an excuse, it was only my second 1500m in 25 years but I have no idea what I was doing.  OK, I wasn’t last. I ran faster than my last one. But it should have been so much better.

It was a windy evening and the headwind on the back straight was pretty rough. But it’s the same for everyone. Off we started and I reacted better than my last one. After 100m sitting in third. This is ok. After 400m I was second last. They were away like whippets and I was left behind. One wee fella marginally behind me and we were now facing the headwind. The head wanted me to drop out but as the family were there I kept going. Felt awful. Got to 800 and was a long way back, still second last. Could see Benny Hands up with the leaders, a Real MAC master, O55 Scottish champ. Decided I wasn’t going to drop out and started moving up, went into lane 3 to overtake a group and bottled it in the wind and pulled back in. No idea why. No confidence. Started picking up again on the last lap but left it too late and didn’t start sprinting until through the wind. Everyone else had made their move by then so no mad sprint finish.

Benny won by 3 seconds in 4.51 with a great finish. I saw it as I wasn’t far behind. 2nd 4.54, 3rd and 4th 4.55, me 5th in 4.57 and fresh. 

Shook hands with Benny and jogged round for my top. So got a Modern day PB by 2 seconds but annoyed with my run. Total inexperience and bottling it to run hard into the wind. Could I have run even slightly different and actually challenged for top 3? Could I run a bit faster or would I have had nothing on the back straight anyway? Don’t know. It is so easy to forget how to run track races. The other track runs I have done since returning were largely solo with me well back but this one was a race, and as far as races go it was honking. Moan over. Wish I’d got into track earlier this season as although I’m not very good I enjoy it. The season ending just as I get into it. 

Later blogpeeps 🙂

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