Revolution in the Summertime – a tourist jog.

Aye ok. Not quite a revolution but I am always posting about racing. This is different. No jokes, gags, irritation or self deprecation in this blog. Today I simply got my phone, went out in 90 degree heat while everyone else was still sleeping and jogged, yes jogged, starting and stopping and taking pictures on a run that apparently had me at an altitude of 1400 ft. A slog but great fun. Mojo back? Maybe. Right good fun, glorious views, no one else about. Feel free to read on and see the run. Welcome to Cabrerolles, France. 

The gates at the bottom of the drive at the Villa. Downhill, hurrah!then round a corner and the first climb. Rocky scree.takes me to a road, looks I’ll come off it and go up this mountain bike track.which keeps climbing.hit a dead end so back down to the road  which climbed, and climbed. Eventually I said naw. Stopped and took a selfie. The next one was a bush selfie for the “Running the distance” group.and back down the hill to Cabrerolles village.follow the road up to Notre Dame de la Roque and the Chateau de Cabrerolles. 

And man that kept going up….behold the remains of the chateaubut we will climb to the Notre Dame

Through the grumpy archand up again

And reach the top. 1400 ft up.some lovely views.the village and chateau below 

The view was amazing. This guide told me what was where.a wander into the shrine and of course, selfies at the top.a long descent then across and through the vineyards.a couple  of undulating milesthen onto this, the main road πŸ™‚ check out the chateau etc in the distance up the hill.back into the villageand up to the gatescroissants awaitingand a Wee elevation chart.thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Have a tune

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