Carry Me Home – The Brian Goodwin 10k 2016

The Brian Goodwin 10k, organised brilliantly by Bellahouston Harriers.

First of all every time people mention this race they tend to refer to the Goodwins which makes me think of “the Good Ones” by one of my favourite songwriters Pat Fish aka The Jazz Butcher so it would be wrong to not post it here. So I will.

The road to the Goodwin hadn’t been smooth. Dropped out the club time trial after 2k with a tight hammy (being cautious) and had managed 1 track session (albeit a good one) and 2 jogs in 2 weeks due to back niggles and a very tough work schedule. Did a jog the night before, only 5k, and felt heavy, but enough to clear the cobwebs and enough to know that I would be able to get round so was looking forward to doing this race. Why? It was a race, I like running. Oh aye, and you got a beer and a burger after the race. FOR FREE!!!! I’d missed this race the last 2 years due to holidays etc, so wasn’t for missing it this time. The MAC squad had a bus running through as was a club champ race. The legend in lycra was the convenor in lycra for the night, though choosing the bus start and finish point as the Electric Bar was perhaps asking for trouble…. Ewen earned a slap before we had even got on the bus by suggesting that Pat go into the boot with the rest of the bags…The bus came and we made decent time into Glasgow but then went the wrong way as we approached the park. So we got a good recce of the course by driving the route round Pollok park backwards, with cheers for every corner we got round, every runner we missed and wooohs for every tree we scraped. Ah the banter.

So to the race. 2 laps of a 5k course apparently. Though the park then round the outside and back again to the Cartha Rugby club. And the same again.  Felt decidedly meh yet again. The 10k mojo seems to have deserted me of late. Just can’t seem to get my head straight on how to run it. But that’s for another time to decide whether to keep doing them or not.  Piped up to the start, the countdown went and off we went. Kept out of trouble at the start and the first k done in 3.47. Reigned it in a bit and thankfully the back and the hammy felt totally fine, no issues. The rest of me not quite so good over the next couple of k. Just couldn’t seem to find a rhythm and my usual head demons were already telling me to drop out after the first lap. Then came the voice. Not in my head this time but booming behind me, like Brian Blessed on a spacehopper. I’ve mentioned it before. “Come on Mark, get working, no slacking now.” Didn’t have to look. It was Henry Merriweather from Bellahouston Road Runners. I managed to answer back this time. “On you go Henry”. He didn’t go away. He ran beside me encouraging me and as usual it was contagious. I found the head lifting. Wasn’t running any easier but the negative thoughts were dispelling. Let’s keep it steady round and see how I felt after the first lap then. We actually started getting closer to Motherwell’s Graeme Kennedy, a 35/36 minute runner I haven’t been close to before. He is just starting his 10k season up so isn’t anywhere near his best so I wouldn’t get a better chance to try and keep in touch with him. At this point we noticed that Chris Macdonald of MAC had dropped out. Knee problems. Felt for him but made me more determined to keep going . First lap done to a cacophony of noise and round in 19.30. Sub 40 looking good unless had a second lap collapse, and if pushed it then a chance of getting close to 39 again. Considering how I have been feeling thats more than decent enough, I was in it for the race. Henry was going to carry me home. I could still see Graeme ahead, and Coach John was roaring at me to keep him in my sights. Aye easier said than done.IMG_0990IMG_0989IMG_1003

“Got your number”. Just need the moustache. Or maybe I must dash

Kilometre 6 kept at the steady pace. but 7 and 8 I was starting to toil. We had caught Graeme at the incline but Henry’s shout of “Come on Motherwell, don’t let Mark catch you” seemed to wake Graeme up and away he went again. 

At this stage we saw Craig of MAC had also dropped out. Henry told me that I had better sort the MAC boys pacing at training. I knew 7 and 8 had dropped pace wise so was no point looking at the watch anymore. Still have that 8k fear from Helensburgh that I am going to have to shift. What would be would be. Wasn’t going to get another chance to race Graeme as he regains his race fitness,  so as we got to 2k to go on the road I decided to bridge the gap and try and take it home steadily as I knew I couldn’t beat him in a last half k foot race. 1 mile to go and I went past Graeme knowing I would have to keep moving relatively hard to have a chance. 1k to go as I started closing gaps ahead of me. Passed Bella’s Susan MacRitchie and was closing on EKs David Thomson ahead, but was never going to catch him, round the last 2 bends and hit it hard for home.


Was fortunate to keep ahead of Graeme and Henry (though I felt guilty about that one) and had actually finished in my second fastest ever time of 38.36, 57th in the race and 7th in the V45 category. Only 8 seconds outside my best from Dumbarton. Very pleased with another sub 39. The 10k may not be my event (not sure I even have one!) but at least I am running consistently at a good level for me.

It was now time for one thing. Congratulating my team mates? Naw, Peroni πŸ™‚


Another 2 MAC team mates had also dropped out, rumours being they wanted the first burgers, Sean’s running Jesus sandals had given him calf chaffing, whereas Ewen said “That’s the way it is” as he walked home all by himself. We all know his heart will go on , even when his legs won’t. Behold the gallery of shame…IMG_0983

MAC Results as follows:


After Dicko had taken selfies on my phone


and certain MAC runners fired up the Quattro and got into fancy dress as 70s cops and lycra clad ice skaters it was time for the prize giving and our “support” was commented upon by the Bella President. A great evening, and for some a great night and morning as the Electric Bar welcomed the MAC entourage with open arms. Me? I went home for a bag of Munchies and a bit of a think about what to concentrate on from here.

Special shout out to 2 Bellahouston Road runners. I know, I’m a MAC traitor.  Thanks of course to Henry. Top man, and appreciate it. Secondly, before I started running with Motherwell I was a regular on the Running Bug forums and used to speak to a fella there with no running confidence called Marc Bromwich. Marc was eventually persuaded to go to his local club and after a year at Bella Road runners has run his first Ultra, ran an 18 minute 5k, and last night brough his 10k PB down from 42 minutes to 36.55!!!! Unbelievable stuff and a lot more to come. Really chuffed for him. Well done Marc πŸ™‚

Thanks Clare Barr, Kenny Phillips, Lisa Gilmore and Scott Dickson for the pics.

“Carry me home” was a song by Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. It was covered by Primal Scream on the Dixie Narco EP (Lead track movin’ on up). Not to everyone’s taste but I love it, Particularly the vulnerability in the vocals and the stripped back instrumentation.



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