What’s it all about, Alfie?

This isn’t the Clydebank blog, that will probably follow in the next few days.

This is just a wee explanation about why I started doing ,and continue to do this blog.

I started this not that long after joining Motherwell AC as I felt getting my story down and documenting what I was doing would help me keep doing it, as being a smoker for 20 odd years, and having given up umpteen times before succumbing again, I knew there was a strong likelihood of failing again. The more I did it the more I enjoyed it, as I had forgotten how much I enjoyed writing having not done it for a number of years. It was probably into double figures in the published blogs before anyone I didn’t know started reading it, and I was fortunate that some of the blogs reached other places, magazines, Scottish Athletics etc. Like anyone who writes anything, be it a fanzine, a blog, a column, poetry, a song,  of course I want people to read and enjoy it, so I try to write my reports in a way that I would enjoy reading. I do realise that doesn’t appeal to everyone. It has been suggested that what is done is for adulation and egotistical purposes? As I say I would like as many people to enjoy my writing as possible as I enjoy writing, and I am fortunate that this blog has opened up a few avenues for me, but I do want to clear up the misconception that I want adulation for my running. I am an average runner trying to beat personal targets, nothing more nothing less. I don’t have ideas above my level but I will always strive to improve. I just enjoy writing now, and this is my thing, this is what I write about.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. I don’t want adored as a runner, because there is nothing to adore, I just hope that some of you can enjoy the writing and it can make you think of your own experiences at similar races. I have met a lot of people because of this blog, and not being the most outgoing and sociable of people, that is a good thing for me. Now let’s get back to laughing at me falling on my arse 🙂

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