Give it up – afters, and the Drumpellier 5k

It’s been a funny old week. Despite PBing 3 distances over the last 2 months and being full of the utmost positivity, on the back of one bad run where I tried something different  I was advised to stop running and described as “the most irritating runner in Scotland” (title duly stolen, so thank you ;)) amid other less than complimentary comments. The comments are at the bottom of the last blog if you are interested. Quite obviously I am not going to give it up. May I recommend some cat videos instead? Feel the love instead of anger.

The legs quite heavy after Thursday so took a wee break Friday, Saturday but decided to run the Monklands/ Drumpellier 5k on the Sunday. It was as part of the half marathon festival which a lot of my club mates were doing, so stuck the Adios on and went along. Nick Hughes from my club was doing it and was a past winner. I also spotted Central’s Alan Hume who had won the Strathclyde parkrun when I did it in March, so there were some decent runners in it. I just wanted a decent run in the legs, so no nerves, no expectations. We were starting at the same time as the half marathon but maybe about a k up the road. Whereas we went round the far side of the loch they were going round the near side, so there was a chance the front runners could go past us before we turned back out the park. Had a wee chat with a few other runners then we are off. First K was slightly downhill and Alan Hume was away rapidly, followed by Nick, Thomas Whiteford of Dumfries and Luke Chamberlain of Giffnock. 500m gone and I was already a good bit behind. Was time to make a decision, try and bridge the gap and hang on, or run my own race. Easy decision and the 4 went away. I was through the first k in 3.26, and that was holding back! Into the park and I saw the lead 4 going off course, only a small bit, and not enough for me to get back into contact and the only blip on an otherwise excellently run event. The fella that had gone with me had started to drop back alongside ladies leader Lisa Doyle so after 1 1/2k I was already somewhat in no mans land. Time to time trial. Was never going to catch the guys in front, so was all about keeping ahead of those behind, running a decent time, and trying to beat Robert Gilroy from the half marathon to the top of Drumpellier Park.The course was undulating, lots of ups and downs and dogs and it was a hot hot day. Knocked off a couple of mid 3 40 ks before the downhill section. Down the hill and towards the railway bridge where I was met by a banner of encouragement….



Brilliant 🙂 Cheers to Delboy and his daughter Louise for putting a smile on my face.

Through the bridge and there is about half a k or so of a climb up out of the park. I could hear noise behind me and the timing car went past me. Not for my race but for the half. It pulled into the side, so the runners were close but not quite there. I could hear them behind but didn’t look. Ran hard up the hill, and got to the top where the stewards sent me left and told the half marathon runners to go right. Can’t have been far ahead of Robert etc but just made it, and gave my run a wee bit of excitement 🙂 4th k in 3.38 and the last k is uphill to a housing estate, round it, then round to a grassy finish in front of the school. I could see Luke in 4th and Nick in 3rd not that far ahead, but not close enough to go after. Finished solid enough, though the 5k beep went off a good 120 meters from the finish. Final k in 3.35, then the extra bit. Official time 18.34, watch time saying 5k in 18.09. Very happy with that one. Consistent with my last 5k.


Decent enough time on a tricky wee course, and all the better having run it on my own, as the next runner behind me was Lisa in 19.54. My confidence wasn’t knocked on Thursday, as I tried something different that didn’t work. This was business as usual. I may not have the abilities of those medal winners in front me but I will always continue to try and improve. If that makes me irritating then strap yourself in, I’m going to get worse. Later blogpeeps 🙂



“Give it up” is a song by Scandinavian popsters Datarock. I want one of their tracksuits. Dance off anyone? Enjoy.


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