Back, at the back of the pack 

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It’s been a while since the last blog, but really there wasn’t much to write about. I was signed off by the physio but with a 6 week open appointment should things flare up again. Aye that’s right I got the all clear to start training again. My belly also gave me the all clear to start losing the extra (almost) stone I put on while I was out.My Munchies love affair hitting the rocks. 
I went to a week’s training with MAC which was torture. The quality session I managed 7 of 8 hilly reps blowing out my arse the whole way through. I was pleased with that. Then did a 5 mile progression run along with the legend in lycra himself which was so different to anything I had done in months. We got it pretty spot on and I was pleased with how I came through it. I went to spin classes and had no idea what I was doing. Sod’s law being what it is I then caught a heavy cold and couldn’t do anything, but with it easing I decided to do the MAC January handicap time trial. Now this was wrong on many levels. I had 1 week’s training in me. I had a cold. My handicap was based on July when I was running 5ks in the low 18s. I was 9 pounds over my usual running weight (see? lost a couple of pounds. I was trying). Sod it, I will try and break in a new pair of trainers while I am at it. I could realistically be last by a long, long way. I expected to be 3 – 4 minutes over my handicap. Tommy Sneddon cruelly said that if I beat him he would kill himself. Harsh but fair enough I suppose. But to be 100% honest I didn’t care. I wanted to run again. Down to Strathclyde Park and there was a great turn out. That MAC communications guy must be doing a good job, fair play to him. Due to my good form last July there were to be about 30 people starting in front of me, the closest of them being Clare Hughes some 40 seconds ahead of me, and only 6 starting behind me, with a similar gap. Now last year when writing these blogs this is where the fairytale bit would come in. I’d find a second wind, kick, get a PB, win a cup and find a fiver down the back of the couch as I ate a packet of Munchies.


First section up a hill I went too fast as I have lost all ability to judge pace. Got through the first k and couldn’t see anyone ahead, but could hear the footsteps behind. About 1.5k in and Cammy went past with Mark Paterson and Alec Robertson on his shoulder and Nick just behind. I only had Graeme Kennedy and Chris Macdonald behind me, Graeme just coming back from injury himself. About a k later Graeme went past, with words of encouragement as he did. Appreciated. I was toiling as we ran round Palace Grounds, but I wasn’t sore, it was purely a lack of fitness. That is OK. I Looked behind me and could see no one. Guessing Chris either didn’t run or has dropped out as he hasn’t run much recently. At his stage I accepted that I was going to be last. It was cool. It hadn’t happened in about 25 years but I could handle it. I just wanted to try and run the remainder steadily. So I did. And as I came over the final flyover with about 1.5k to go I saw someone about 50 metres ahead. It was Dougie, who had PBed by 2 minutes the month before to take the silver, obviously now struggling with his new handicap. I was fortunate to get past him and knew if I kept steady I would avoid last. Got to about 1/2k to go and I heard steps behind me and heavy breathing. I had not much left. Dougie was going to outsprint me. I had no idea he had that sort of speed. Thankfully though it was Chris who came past. I hadn’t realised I was ahead of him. Came round the final corner and Jim Tracey and Jim Proffitt weren’t far ahead but a sprint would be for another day. Looked at my watch and 25.41, only 1 minute or so outside my best. Couldn’t believe it and just as well. As I didn’t have my specs I asked Ewen to look. Oops, 26.41. 2 minutes outside my best. I was still delighted. I had got round probably a minute faster than I expected. I wasn’t last. And more importantly my back had felt OK. Now I know there is a lot of work to be done, and tomorrow my back could go again, but for now I am happy. I really missed running. So I have scrapped all my aims for this season as I just want to get fit again. If I can get fit for the Great Scottish Run then I’d like to attempt to beat my half marathon PB but that’s it. A lot of getting fit, losing weight and hard work to get done, but also a lot of running for fun. Later blogpeeps : )


5 months of injury hell. 

1 weeks training. 

2nd last in club handicap TIme trial

2 minutes slower than usual.

0 niggles.

1 happy man



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