Xmas Handicap – the MAC awakens.

Sunday saw the return of the annual MAC Xmas handicap time trial, and despite very icy conditions, the recent controversial “insulting`’ poster campaign which had culminated in calls for the removal of the MAC Communications manager (mostly from himself) seemed to have paid dividends with a record turnout of 32 runners.

You could tell the new Star Wars film was just around the corner with even Stuart “Chewbacca” Gray making an appearance,


and Yoda himself turned up in a Santa costume.


Ah run and drink much did he.

Esteemed Jedi leader Qui John-Hughes Gin took advice from guest Jawa Barnie and made a call that for safety sakes a group run would replace the race. Darth Stevenson announced that she would quash this rebellion and her band of Sith crossed to the dark side (it was shadowed by the trees) while the rebellion took to their X wings and orbited the Icy Death Star of Strathclyde park as a group. The main race appeared to be over the land of Hoth and it was Darth Stevenson  who was to outrun the rest, being first female, and first overall. An excellent run for someone in great form.


In the mens race Obi Tom Thebody held off a spirited finish from Jar Jar Paterson who claimed “Mesa no think the finish in right place !”


Great runs from the apprentices Cammy the Shed and Ben Solo and an embarrassing last place, yes LAST place, by the angry Wampa Craig Mackenzie.


The rest of the group had a nice run and the dark and light sides came together for a group pic.


Off we all went to a land far far away, (the Electric Bar, a den of villainy) where other MAC members were waiting and after rolls and sausage the 2015 Motherwell AC Road Runner of the year trophy was voted for. Now one wee serious bit in this post, Was very proud to be the (unexpected) winner. Doesn’t make me the fastest, or the best, but as it’s voted for by the club members it’s nice to be remembered after more than a few months on the sidelines, and this has given me a real boost for getting back into shape for the new year. Thank you.


Thanks to Vicki for putting together a slide show of the year, really well done. Back to physio this week,back is easier but now have a foot problem… aaaarrrgggh. But patient I shall be. Have a great Xmas time blogpeeps 🙂



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