Everyone’s a winner baby. The markgallmac 2015 awards, part 1

It appears to be awards season.
This is part one of the ceremony, part 2 to follow.
Disclaimer: No prizes will be given, nor vouchers issued. There is no premium rate line but if you want to give me £1.50 for each of your nominations please go ahead.

Award number 1:
The “Gaun yersel’” trophy for My favourite running moment of the year.
The other nominations:
Going sub 19 for 5k for the first time
Going sub 40 for 10k for the first time
Winning the MAC division 2 roadrunners trophy
Beating some good runners at the July 3k on the green.
But the winner is: Going into the “30 – 40 minutes” pen at the Dumbarton 10k. For the first time, and after Helensburgh 10k, I could do this and it gave me a right buzz 🙂

Award No.2:
The Sneddon Award for the most Tommy like performance
Nominations included:
The video of Tommy moonwalking at the electric bar.
Joe Hoolaghan slagging Tommy for having a personal trainer
Tommy running back up the big hill at Bannockburn as he had forgotten to restart his garmin and wanted to redo it.
The winner is: Tommy disappearing off course at the Scottish Relays at Livingston, to emerge a minute later coming down someone’s path after having run the wrong way into their garden. Don’t go changing mate 😉

Award No. 3
The “daeing it again” shield for my favourite race of the year.
Edinburgh 5k at Silverknowles. Fast and great field.
3K on the green. Cheap. Fast. Flat.
Clydebank 10k. Fast, part of great series. A boat that is a chip shop.
The winner: Bizarrely Tollcross parkrun. Challenging course, nice people, cake. I’ll be back.

Award No 4:
The “Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen” Quaich for sartorial elegance.
Clark Pheely for his collection of 7 blue Karrimor vests, one for every day of the week.
Scott Dickson for his sunglasses in every weather.
Jim White for buying whatever I have worn the week before.
The clear winner is John Hughes for consistent high waisters that would put Simon Cowell to shame. Shorts? Trousers? Doesn’t matter. They go up to his nipples and we salute him.

Award no. 5
The “Mon the fish” cup for my best race.
18.23 5k PB at Victoria Park
First sub 19 Edinburgh
38.59 at Clydebank 10k
The winner is:
Strathclyde Parkrun June running an (at the time PB) of 18.39. Beat a MAC runner for the first time that I really respect and the PB was a bonus. Never felt stronger.

Award no 6
The “haha roon ye ya tadger” award for worst performance
Balfron 10k
Dumfries Half marathon
Time trial back in January
Easy winner? Haddington half. How not to run. Made prize fud of myself.


Part two to follow:)

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