Happy Birthday

So a year ago today I published my first blog post. Thanks for everyone’s support over the last year. I’ve enjoyed doing it and meeting so many people from doing it, and the writing opportunities that have come from it.
I’m hoping for another year, hope some of you will stay for the ride 🙂
A big part of my blog was a pathetic attempt at the validation of my resumed efforts by doing my club championships and having a wee go at medalling. Slight spoiler alert but it’s the club prizegiving on Friday and I’m going along…. Update to follow……

I started this just to help me through my attempts to run again, and didn’t expect over 7,500 of you to follow my road, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve loved sharing the highs, been embarrassed about the lows. I had a read back over the 61 posts, gave me good memories of what’s been a special year. So thanks everyone for indulging me. I’m not sure I would have had my highs over the year without this. Until later blog peeps 🙂  


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