The Boy Racers

Did a couple for runs this week. Not very well. Got hammered in the club run, and did a very slow one on my own. Hopefully with my painkillers working I can do the LAAA 4 k road relay on Saturday. I am down in the bottom team and I think doing the last leg so that I don’t inconvenience anyone, which is fantastic as far as I am concerned. No pressure, run for fun, no damaging myself.  Awaiting physio but I have plenty of time so not going to be despondent. I fully expect to be back and won’t give up on that wee dream. I have even bought next years racers while Adidas had 25% off online. The Boston Boosts worked for my racing this year, so why not go for the same model again? Tried and tested is good. A different colour than this year, not as dayglo sadly, but instead I have had them personalised with my boys names to have them with me on my races. Gives me someone to blame if it all goes wrong 😉

They are my racing shoes. They have my boys on them. Therefore blogpeeps please meet “The Boy Racers”.


Later blogpeeps, and keep running for fun.

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