I started something I couldn’t finish

This is my 50th blog post. Thanks to all who have stayed with me through the journey. This is of course going to be an all singing, all dancing celebration then, eh? Of course not, it’s me here. Last time I was on a horse. Well the horse kicked me off. Then kicked me. Then stood on me and called me baldy before dancing off singing a selection of songs by the Smiths. Did Sunday run and felt ok to be honest. Not great but ok. Did a 20 x 40 seconds session on Tuesday and my back was really sore, foot was sore again, hip and groin a wee bit dodgy, so promised Elaine last night that if I felt bad on last night’s run I would stop. True to my word just over a k out I didn’t feel in any way good. Everything niggled. I could have done the full run and toiled but nah it’s time to be sensible. I basically turned around, told everyone I would see them later and jogged back to the boathouse very slowly. It is time to take a break. Paisley 10k is out. Stirling 10k and Dumfries half pretty unlikely. I need to take a break and try and let things settle back down. Maybe they will quickly and maybe they won’t. But I have had a really good year to date and achieved almost all my targets so I can’t be too downhearted. My aim is to try and get back for the champ race at Tollcross at the start of October, but to be honest I have given up hope of finishing top 3 in either the League champs, or the time trial champs which is a shame after such a good start but I really gave it a good go. No regrets with any of my efforts. The next couple of weeks sees me instead working on my first commissioned writing piece as I report on the British middle distance performances at the World Athletics Championships for the British Milers Club magazine. A new and different challenge but one I am excited about. So blogpeeps I will no doubt keep you up to date on how I get on, but until then run for fun, be brave, and listen to your bodies. Hold on, Tommy, I don’t mean literally, get your knee away from your ear….. sigh…… it’s going to be a long few weeks….

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