Pretty Green – another 3k in Glasgow

I don’t like moping anymore. I was desperate to get out a run after Tuesday’s disaster despite my back niggles. Get back on the bike so to speak. Opportunities weren’t great though. Elaine is a student nurse and this week was nightshift so there wasn’t going to be an opportunity until maybe the weekend. I did however clock that this Friday was the monthly 3 k on the Green at Glasgow Green, so concocted a plan in order to get an extended lunch, make this race and treat it as a quality session since my speedwork has been lacking in recent weeks. My boss was very supportive of me doing this, so long as I finished a project I was working on for him and didn’t go shouting about it to the rest of the staff. Project finished by 10.30 and made the grade. Result. All good and come 11.30  I sneaked into the carpark to get changed and make the 30 min drive to Glasgow Green. It is kudos to the Managing Director that he managed to look out from his office onto the carpark just as I was removing my trousers, but rather worrying that he didn’t feel the need to challenge me about it then, or even later. Anyway, running gear on and made it Glasgow Green just before 12, so had time to have a wee jog and use the People’s Palace finest facilities. Got a text from Kev to say he was on his way, then met Ewen and his sportscotland possee and Nigel and his family. 4 from MAC, So an unofficial championship race.


Would be a good workout as Ewen really coming into form just now after his long lay off. The conditions were blowy, not as good as last month’s perfect conditions, so aim was to get under 11 minutes, would be delighted with anything under there. The back eased off as I did my strides so I have to say that as I made my way to the start I felt in decent nick. No worries, no stress, just looking forward to stretching the legs. I started just behind Ian “elbows” Goudie at the tight start and off we went.

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Fast start, a lot of jockeying. I got stuck but eventually got myself out. And felt good. Strode out and the wind was a pain but wasn’t giving me any negative thoughts. Through the first k in the same time as last month despite the wind, that was better than I was expecting. Arch rival Peter Jardine went past me at this point and pulled away. That’s OK, I was still going well and passed Scott Love of Carnegie, who had finished right behind me at the Scottish 5K in Edinburgh.  Got to the turn and could see Ewen not far behind at all. Again that’s fine. I was still feeling good. Pushed on and passed Peter. Yeah all good. I was passing people and no one was passing me. Through 2k and I think I was about 3 seconds faster than last month. Very happy. Pushed hard for home with that wind swirling about still, being a pain, I do not remember at any stage it was any actual help. You can see me come round the corner at the bottom of the final wee climb as the winner, Kevin Brydon finishes.


Got to about 400 to go and the wheels came off, not surprising due to the last couple of weeks.  I felt like I was treading water and Peter came past me fast, I had absolutely no response. Usually I finish well with a decent sprint, but nah, solid would have to do. Peter got away and I got across the line, which had seemed forever away.


Looked at the watch, 10.21, a PB by 9 seconds over last month. Did not expect that, especially after capitulating at the end. Ewen has what he calls his “look in the mirror” ideology after a race and hard session. If you can look at yourself in the mirror then all is well. I may have been beaten but I left everything out there. I got a PB, I can look in the mirror and give myself a gammy lopsided smile. Has given me a lot of confidence after a wee dent in midweek. Ewen finished just behind in 10.59, going sub 11 this soon after returning from injury is quality stuff, especially after him doing a hard tempo run at the club last night as well.


Kevin and Nigel had great runs , in 11.36 and 12.34 respectively, both well inside what they expected.

11825862_1676594092577353_8526994875773072020_n 10984987_1676595172577245_4020366306160090909_n

A great workout for all of us. This is a great event, £2 on the last Friday of every month at the McLennan arches. For our £2 today we got a timed race, a number, a t-shirt (thanks to BUPA), some water and a 15% off voucher for Run4it. Now THAT is value for money, thanks to the organisers and volunteers, and to the sponsors. What not give it a go? Any standard and a good fast course. What have I learned? No stressing about those bad runs, they move out the way to let the good ones through. Oh, and don’t take your trousers down in a carpark. My confidence is back and I’m going to try my hardest next Saturday in the Haddington Half and don’t intend to make it easy for Ross and Jim, the bookies Division 2 favourites.

Official results through – 10.25. Everyone I spoke to seems to be out by a few seconds. Ah well. Position 20th and 5th veteran, both better than last month. Out of a record field of 140 that is not at all bad. Have a great weekend Blogpeeps.

For more info see:

Thanks to Clare Barr for the pictures.

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