In Between Days

It seems like forever ago since my last blog entry. Probably because I haven’t raced since Victoria Park  and my next race is a couple of weeks away, the Haddington half marathon. I am in between races, in between days where I can put that Motherwell vest on and give it laldy.  It’s been a mixed time. By my standards I am running and training well. But, and there is always a but, my back problems have flared up again. Had a good long run the day after the 5k, then on Tuesday we did a session of 3 x 1 mile with a 1 mile jog recovery. It was a very tough but great session. I managed to keep relatively close behind Nick and did my three miles in 5.22, 5.28, 5.28. Faster than I have done before by some way. Thursday’s progression session ended up being just a run as my hamstrings were tight, then on Friday after moving a slide (coincidence or the cause? I actually don’t know) I could hardly walk as I was getting grief from my hamstring, back and ankle. A certain gentleman who will remain nameless for legal reasons also gave me a bag of biscuits. Rumours he was put up to it by Ross Burton and Jim White are unconfirmed but those Crunchie biscuits and Toffee Pops were sweet……

Missed Saturday’s session (had my first lie in in months) and took Sunday’s long run gingerly. Not as gingerly as Ross obviously. Back was very sore every day. Tuesday we did a hill session at the club, 4 x 1 min, 4 x 45 secs, 4 x 30 secs, and I really worked hard. Again I wasn’t far behind Chris, Nick and Craig, and I was pleased to see Jim White marginally behind me, he’s really coming back into form after a wee battle with his head. Jim, along with Ross, is my biggest rival in my League, but he’s a cracking fella so I’m happy rather than worried. We can push each other on and that’s a good thing. He is trying to copy my training gear though and that has to be stamped out. Thankfully my colour coordination was better and I was pleased to be awarded a packet of Haribo for best technique on the night. Just a bit of fun, but pleasing, as I like sweets. And cake. Have i told you that before? Anyway here’s some pics, none of which show me with any decent technique, but I’ll take it 😉

11011500_928654323862482_7408385068168261887_o 11722170_928654500529131_7836153767020496765_o 11696567_928654880529093_6821173572653020892_o 11754678_928654907195757_8929916368120190769_o

Thursday night we had a steady run and although I felt the back sore all the way round I felt really good and as Nick upped the pace the last few K I was able to stay with him. Yeah he could have pushed it more, a lot more, but he had some kind words for me at the end which is always a boost. Didn’t manage another run until this afternoon when I decided to up my mileage to 13.1 as i do have that half coming up. A nice pleasant run in the rain on my own saw me do a half in 1.34, just 2 mins outside my best and I wasn’t really pushing it. If I felt like this at Dumfries in September I would beat my best (Haddington is a hilly swine, I couldn’t consider it there.) But will I? How will this back react? Is it temporary? Did I overdo it in the 1 mile reps? Should I avoid lifting heavy things as my back is forever dodgy? Who knows. Time will tell but I won’t get down over it if I suffer. I have had a brilliant few months and I know I will have my rollercoaster ups and downs. Even if my back is in a bad place my head is in a good place. This my blogpeepfriends will be the difference between now, and between my dark days in February. I am really enjoying my running just now, the buzz beats the darkness. Until later 🙂

PS A wee shout out to my club mate Tommy Sneddon who is working so hard just now and seeing the rewards. Lovely fella, hard grafter, just watch your washing and gnome if he is about.

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