Lifting myself up and being brave – 3k on the green

Many of you will have had a right good snigger. Yeah I go on about my holiday for ages and then don’t get to go. Yeah gutted, devastated, the kids were in tears. Sometimes things happen. But there are worse things happen in the world. Like seeing Tommy moonwalking for example….. (oh the video from after the Brian Goodwin has gone viral….) Thankfully my family all better now, we plan to go away for 4 days to the coast next week while the insurance claim goes through it’s rigmarole. So back to the running, and now my fat fortnight is cancelled I have made the decision to go for it and see if I have what it takes to finish top 3 in Division 2 in the MAC Championship. Big ask as the half marathons etc are coming up and I’m not very good at them but what do I actually have to lose?

Yes there has been a recurring theme going through my running this week. “Be Brave”. It is my own fault. I preach it. “Be brave and enjoy yourself”. I got back on the horse on Sunday and went the morning club run, the Rollercoaster run. I tanked the hilly section to get the frustration out of my system. Felt ok. Monday I went a 10 miler on my own, breaking in the Pegasus 32s. (the run as documented in I toiled a bit to be honest but my milage hasn’t been big recently and I rarely do two runs 2 days in a row. Being brave. Want to get better. Tuesday went to the club. Three sessions three days in a  row, brave or stupid? Who knows. It was 20 x 40 seconds hard effort with 1 min moving recovery. That’s mad enough but my coach didn’t want me to train with my usual group. He threw me under the bus, and suggested I train with the top group. I am not just saying this but these guys are all not just better than me, but a LOT better than me. Can Mr “be brave” say no? Obviously not. Rod for my own back well and truly made. So I gave it a go. I would love to say that I matched their runs but no. I was at the back every one trying to hang on, the recovery was spent catching them up. I have a lot of work to do to try and realistically train with that squad but I’m game. On a positive note they didn’t humiliate me. That is some type of progress. Brave. Took Wednesday off and missed club run on Thursday. Why? Kevin from MAC suggested we do the 3k on the Green on Friday since I’m off work. It’s a monthly flat 3k race held on the last Friday of each month. I have always fancied it but never had the opportunity to do it. It’s a bit short. Bit fast. But aye, be brave. I agreed to do it, so on Thursday night did a nice run round Strathy with my old mucker Producer Jim instead of the club tempo session. He has just started back running again after a long time out injured. He got himself round the Mens 10k on Sunday, and said he used my advice to be brave and enjoy it. I should shut up at times 😉 It was a nice 6k run, just nattering in the rain. I hope he keeps it going and considers joining a club, be it MAC or one more local to him. Set my legs up nicely for Friday.

It was a nice cool drizzly day. Perfect running conditions as I watched the runners appearing at Glasgow Green while I hid at the playpark with Elaine and the boys.

10984563_697575957054543_5574157559788536313_n 1896871_697575977054541_9102958703374736809_n

Eventually I sauntered over. Kevin wasn’t coming. Not brave enough 😉 It’s an out and back from the McLennan Arch. Had a natter to Charlie Thomson from Cambuslang who was looking in great shape, and Steven Hill from Kilbarchan, who was a first timer like myself. I set myself a target of 11 minutes, which is the equivalent of 3 3.40 ks. My 5k time wouldn’t have me far from here. Jon shouted “run for fun!” to me as I walked to the start.

11140351_697576070387865_5903931997033272455_n 10313672_697576093721196_471581837401934279_n

And we were off.


I had no idea what kind of pace to try and the first k was soon by in 3.29. Happy with that. Except the second k seemed to floor me and including a sharp turn I did this in 3.50. I had no idea what that was all about. All I know was it was time to give it laldy and, aye you guessed, be brave. A long straight back but I pushed and pushed and crossed the line with a final k in 3.10 and a time of 10.29.

11148418_697576613721144_8272749659066509955_n 10990056_697576623721143_4290674489431720587_n 11667284_697576657054473_5333497265656524955_n 10447100_697576697054469_8435181157762279564_n 11261854_697576773721128_3934137364882265065_n 11665435_697576750387797_4693692143048071848_n

Ooooooofffffffftttttttt. Smashed what I expected and very happy. A tenth PB of the year (yeah I know it’s the first I’ve done but I get to claim it ;)). Official results not available yet but I think Charlie was third in about 9.30 (not bad for a man that turned 50 this week), and my Scottish Athletics foe Peter Jardine was narrowly behind me in our yo-yo rivalry.

So my recap of the week. Comfort zone ripped. Trained more days. Did distance I fear. Trained with group that are better than me. I can genuinely say I was braver this week, so what are YOU going to do this week to take you out your comfort zone? Mix it up, you never know you might just come out the other side with a smile like me 🙂

EDITED Sunday 28 June. Official time actually 10.30 and position was 23rd out of 88. 6th V40 which I can’t complain about. This has given my my first 76+ WAVA. Pleasing thing is my Runbritain handicap is for the first time under 5 at 4.8. That has put a wee smile on my face. I know means nothing to anyone except me, but it is progress.


Thanks to Elaine Gallacher for the pictures.

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