“You’ve Been Framed” and “Trial by Night”

Wee small blog today. From my magnificent May of 3 PBs into a hopefully jubilant June. (Ah the alliteration is dripping off my keyboard.) A great start as my wife surprised me last night by framing my only Scotland vest (and tracksuit) that I earned in 1989 before I chucked it for 20 odd years, and my 1984 Olympics top signed by Daley Thompson. They look pretty damn good, certainly better than in a bin bag in the loft. It is right to embrace my one wee moment of glory/luck.  Anyone in doubt as to the authenticity can look through the blog to see the proof, they are real, and now they are getting the respect they deserve 🙂

11201942_10206917715881828_4263453407642187267_n 10996087_10206916836539845_1991539721626287374_n

Thanks Elaine.

Edited to add:

MAC June Time Trial and handicap race tonight. Aim was to try and beat 25 mins for the first time (best is 25.12, and last month was 25.27) as I know I am running the best that I have since I started back and I know this won’t last forever and could change tomorrow having experienced enough troughs to now appreciate the peaks. It was very windy so decided just to go out and run solid and try and match my 10k pace. Despite the wind I ended up finishing second of the counting runners in the male handicap race and going (very temporarily) to the top of the League table for the first time while running an exceptionally pleasing 24.42 for the 4 mile circuit. A course PB by 30 seconds. Can’t believe the difference that a month or so has made in my running. Yes the legs, and the arms,  are stronger, but I now realise how important it is to have the head right. One confidence booster (for me the Edinburgh 5k) can change the outlook on everything and the domino effect can make or break a season. My blog of 14th April  talked about the aggregation of marginal gains and my aims for that. Every aim now ticked off apart from the half marathon. I’ll blog more fully about the changes I made later, but I have to say that after 8 PBs in 2 months I firmly believe in the philosophy of the aggregation of marginal gains helping a middle aged baldy plodder.  Vale of Leven 10k on Sunday to finish the Polaroids, see you then runningpeeps.

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