Drawing a line

Firstly my last blog entry took a bit of a kicking. Although perhaps different in tone it still reflects, in my opinion, the ups and downs of where I’m at. I am still 100% annoyed that I have paid for physio treatment and haven’t received the plan a week and a half on and the individual involved is now away abroad skiing. I got wound up by their Social Media comment of “When you do your rehab you get to enjoy your sport”, but I have to draw a line under it and move on. I guess I have a differing perception of customer care. Thanks for the physio recommendations but I cannot justify more spend when I wasted the last lot, it has to go on more important things but rant is over. I am now going to babble on, on the assumption that I can “self medicate” and get myself back in shape. Thank you to Gary Wood who sent me through a very thorough exercise and stretching guide, I will use much of this and see where it takes me.

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