2015 – Bring it on.

Onwards and upwards, and I got quite excited this week when MAC released their proposed races for the 2015 Club Championship. This is the first time I have been eligible so I’d really like to give it a go. It got me thinking of my racing over the last 20 odd years. 1992 – 2010 zero races, 2011 4 races, 2012 1 race, 2013 5 races, 2014 12 races. These include parkrun for me as I always give it laldy. This year’s aim is 20 races which will include road racing, parkrun and X Country. I’ve even sort of planned out my year up to the end of the road season and have sort of triggered where I’d like to attack my PBs. I hope the races do actually all take part and that I can get places in them. As each race concludes I will tell you my aims, my results and where it went wrong or right.
February     Scottish XC Falkirk 12k
March         Cambuslang Down by the river 10k
March         Strathclyde Parkrun 5k
April            Tom Scott Memorial Strathclyde Park 10 miles
April            Balfron 10k
May             Clydebank 10k
June            Strathclyde Parkrun 5k
July             Victoria Parkrun 5k
August        Haddington Half Marathon
August        Strathclyde Parkrun 5k
August        Paisley 10k
September Stirling 10k
October      Great Scottish Run Half Marathon
October      Tollcross Parkrun 5k
November  Strathaven run with the wind 10k

I’m being ambitious but I’ve got that buzz back again, and I needed that. The hard work really starts this week. I think my mojo may be back. I hope my body can match my mind.

Only managed one session the last couple of weeks with work and my injury woes but it was a cracker. The “Hills of Hell” it’s called. 5 miles with 10 hills up and down with increasing length and gradient, followed by a straight 3 miles back to base. It was icy, slippy, snowing but a right good MAC crowd turned up last Tuesday for this session. I won’t pretend it was easy, especially with the intermittent running I have been doing recently but I completed the session, I took some of the hills harder than others and pushed myself on them and all in all I was happy with myself. Didn’t fall on my arse either, which is a bonus. I couldn’t have done that session a year ago, so despite not being in my best shape I am still night and day where I was this time last year. So, weather permitting it’s back to training tonight. I’m raring to go. I hope you will all stick in there and come along for the ride as I am indeed ready to give it laldy. Who is with me?

2 thoughts on “2015 – Bring it on.

  1. Really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve not been running long although I’m in the vet category! Your humour does come across as well as your frustration & above all your honesty.
    Look forward to seeing you at Tollcross parkrun, hope I’m running on that day.

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