History Part 11 – Random things and a year of prizes

Before I hit you with the humbling leveller that was cross country a few random things that helps flesh out me and what I do. The prizes sadly aren’t for actually running, but annoying people with words.

Since my mojo rebirth in North Wales I have been a member of the Running Bug website. I recommend it. You log your runs and people comment, simple as that. Gives your morale a boost and really good encouragement. Helped me through some injury woes. I won a pair of Brooks ghost 7 from them this year. And a reflective band for running in the dark. There’s some good people on there, in particular I have to give a shout out to rob k, northseatiger, Richard-M, Ducatasti, Maria Elena and Gary the plodder no more.

My real club joining mojo was rekindled when I went to the indoor international in Glasgow last January. I won tickets for this from Run 4 It and sat beside their director Duncan and had a phenomenal day.


This seriously got my mojo in overdrive, as it was the first track meet I had went to since my spikes/ selector incident (indeed that story won me the prize.)

I won a pair of Mizuno Wave Hayate trail shoes from Men’s Running magazine for extolling the virtues of joining a club. That was nice, as I just wanted to tell people that things were great. I also won socks and base layer from them. And then they made me Top Gurn.

I’ve tried the last couple of years to do the marathon thing through Men’s Running and Runner’s World but my story isn’t good enough.

I am addicted to buying running clothing. The more offensive colour wise the better. I like the Bawbag range of wizard’s sleeves. My fave trainers are Nike  Pegasus 31 for training and Adidas Boston 5 boost for racing. PC Craig at Motherwell sees me as his style guru, and I accept that mantle. I bought running sunglasses and they helped when I wore them, but they make me feel like a ponce. I am not Scott Dickson.


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