History Part 9 – Interlude

It was a week until I was able to run again and by that stage I was in Ibiza with Elaine and the boys. I took my running stuff with me including a brand new pair of Nike Pegasus 31, my wee pressie to myself. On the 14 days there I managed 10 runs, always first thing in the morning while everyone else was still in bed or just coming to. Mainly a 5k run that took in 2 beaches, this was the view from the balcony that Elaine took of me one morning.


Loved it. I actually got talking to a fella over there who was a bald St Mirren supporting accountant who did a bit of running, who wasn’t actually me. Bizarre. Anyway went a run with Kenny on the second last day then played football with him in the afternoon. And got injured. Again. Thought I had broken my foot but thankfully after a week or so rest I was able to start off again. I have tried on various occasions to get Kenny and his wife Clare along to MAC, but watch this space.

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