History Part 6: The Bitterest Pill.

Its the Monday morning and I am struggling to get out of bed. It’s ok, wee bit of pain and stiffness, by the end of the week it will be gone. By the end of the week I was in fact doubled up on the kitchen floor unable to stand. Over the following few weeks i ended up on a cocktail of Gabapentin, diclofenac, tramadol and cocodamol.



I rattled when I walked. I took my last tramadol on my wedding day in March 2012 as I couldn’t keep pumping the pills into me. I had had fingers up my backside on various occasions, a hospital scan had show hefty disc damage, some torn, some bulging. My weight was starting to creep up, I actually noticed it when I was getting fitted for my wedding kilt. I hated what I was becoming. The Physio I had waited months to see wouldn’t treat me due to the damage or until I got a referral from the specialist. After waiting for another couple of months I was lucky that the pain started easing a bit the week I had my appointment at the specialist. It was decided that as I was starting to ease off then they wouldn’t operate. This pleased me. And disappointed me. I reapplied for physio and saw Andrew Harrison who was also the Scottish football physio at the time. He terrified me, just what I needed. 6 sessions with him and I was starting to feel a bit better. Then of course they shut down the Newarthill physio. Anyway by this time I was a bit heavy, but decided I was going to try a wee jog. On the 9th July Jim and I ran 5.75k in 46 minutes. I felt every bump and stone in Strathclyde Park and it took me another month after that to try another as I was bloody sore, but I was determined. In August I decided to stop once and for all my 25 year smoking habit. I had had spells where I had given up for short periods then lapsed back but I made the decision. Off the fags, start running more, job done. Unfortunately I ate more chocolate then went running but I stopped smoking in August 2012 and fortunately am still off them as I type, more than 2 years later. A month later I was doing a few runs but wanted to try something to keep me away from the fags. That’s when I heard about Jogscotland.


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