History part 5: My first GSR and the fallout.

So we entered for the Great Scottish Run 10k in Glasgow to be run the first week in September 2011. Did a few runs, nothing mad, then the week before it I gave parkrun a try again. I ran it like a man possessed, probably overstretching a bit but finished in a new PB of 24.59. Under 25 minutes. Sooooooo happy, but a bit niggly after it. Didn’t run again until the Thursday and my back didn’t feel great. I moaned about it on Facebook, but I always moan on Facebook. I really do you know. Anyway I had trained, I wasn’t missing the race. And Daley Thompson was starting the race and I had decided that I was going to meet him after the race at Glagow Green and get my Daley LA 84 Adidas Originals T shirt signed by him. Aye, that’s me, as deluded as they come.

Anyway Iain was injured, and couldn’t run, But David, Kevin and Jim were all running along with me. Jim was running late as usual and missed the photocall. But Kevin had a beard. Things were good.


We were crammed like sardines in the pen for a good 20 -30 mins before starting and my back was playing up, being naive about these things I hadn’t managed any sort of warm up before we went in. I started to panic and then we were off.


The first hill was atrocious, people walking already. I have no objections to that but I was in the group of 50 – 60 minute runners. If you have to walk straight away then you aren’t going to get that sort of time. See? grumpy again. Darting in and out, side to side. Having to stop as people stopped dead in front. I was not enjoying my first GSR experience. Anyway I sort of wandered around aimlessly, my run meter lost its signal and told me I’d done a 4 minute Kilometre (aye right) but I made it to the end and a long sprint into Glasgow Green, I felt my back go as I “Sprinted”, but I got over the line.

297833_2411734573184_161550587_n 302066_2411733333153_425597284_n

A new PB in 53.32, 2 minutes faster, but the buzz wasn’t really there this time. I was sore, I hadn’t felt the love this time as I ran. I was disappointed in myself.

So after we did our post race photos  (again without the Scarlet Jimpernel), I went on the prowl. And after allowing Jason Gardiner and Nell McAndrew their minute of fame with me I found Mr Thompson. T shirt signed, pictures taken, the media interested then off home I went to plan my next run. It was to be 309 days and a few fingers up my backside before I managed my next one.


303203_2411737773264_2028172444_n 293191_2411739533308_1203993292_n 304995_2411740253326_1832915175_n 319225_2411739893317_1458266887_n 304793_2411741053346_1892107427_n

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