History Part 1: Throwing spikes at the Scottish selector…

So it’s 1990. I’ve been running for 8 years or so as a junior boy, senior boy, youth and junior man up here in Scotland.  Whilst not an Olympic contender I’ve been reasonable. I’ve ran for Hamilton Harriers, moved to Cambuslang Harriers, for my school, Lanarkshire, West of Scotland and once for Scotland Juniors. I’ve won county titles at track and X Country, I’ve been Glasgow schools champion, club champion, aye I’m ok actually. Sadly getting my one cap at steeplechase has put pressure on me. I’m in coaching squads and feeling out of my depth and I chuck it. I’m at Uni and I start smoking. Despite not running for almost a year I get called up for the West of Scotland team for the steeplechase….. it’s going to go well…..

I was cocky. I thought I could step back in easy. I got lapped. Walk off the track. Throw my spikes at the selector who had given me a mouthful. Walked out of Grangemouth Stadium and I don’t run again until 2011. (Well I tried a comeback in about 1996 but that lasted 3 weeks.)

Welcome to my blog. This is the story of a 30 a day smoker who changed his mind.10256145_10203770369040124_7089750114395183699_n

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